Synonyms for Cut:


all (adjective)
diluted (adjective)
diminished (adjective)
deducted, dropped, Curtailed, contracted, Nipped, truncated, Leached, Bobbed, cropped, clipped, deflated, removed, Pared, depleted, tapered, trimmed, shrunken, Compacted, diminished, mowed, shortened, sheared, condensed, pruned, Receded, reduced, downgraded, eroded, abridged, lowered, shaved, weeded, docked, Dwindled, decremented, compressed, concentrated, decreased, lessened, abbreviated, drained, Lightened.
disjoint (adjective)
dismantled, dissected, disunited, unhinged, Bisected, disarticulated, sliced, uncoupled, disjoint, detached, Sundered, unfixed, broken, segregated, divided, dissociated, separated, fissured, disconnected, Halved, divorced, unglued, rent, Disintegrated, parted, Disengaged, Excised, cleaved, disassembled, partitioned, fragmented, incised, severed, scissored, Disassociated, split.
grooved (adjective)
dug, grooved, corrugated, furrowed, incised, rutted, Channeled, Slotted, Fluted.
halved (adjective)
halfway, bifurcated, halve, carved, half, fissured, forked, severed, cleaved, Bisected, divided, split, branching.
low (adjective)
marked down.
notched (adjective)
gashed, Scored, split, cracked, chinked, incised, Nicked, Jogged, notched, serrated, slit, indented.
obliterated (adjective)
expurgated, obliterated, Deleted, edited, Canceled, Omitted, Annulled, Eliminated, Expunged, Erased, stricken, Eradicated, censored.
portioned (adjective)
Dismembered, apportioned, rationed, partitioned, budgeted, Parceled, measured, divided, Pieced, Zoned, half, subdivided, fraction, segmented, shared, split, Portioned, allotted, sliced, compartmented.
reduced (adjective)
Deleted, deducted, contracted, sheared, shaved, lessened, compressed, subtracted, weeded, pruned, diminished, Bobbed, Elided, Discounted, impure, docked, deflated, abbreviated, eroded, trimmed, clipped, reduced, mowed, cropped, abridged, watered, Nipped, Depreciated, drained, Snubbed, decreased, Pared, shortened, bated, Curtailed, lowered, removed.
rejected (adjective)
disapproved, blacklisted, chopped, Eliminated, rejected, Excluded, Excised, barred, abandoned, Denied, deep-sixed, junked, Trashed, jettisoned, jilted, checked, Snipped, scrapped, discarded, shed, Blackballed, Disallowed, Disclaimed.


interfere with, formed, sculptured, kill off, shut off, stamp out, suppress, squeeze out, hold back, cut into. black eye, rive, behead, dice, blotch, hew, facet, abscess, abrasion, carve, scythe, blister, quarter, sliver, blemish, athlete's foot, reap, truncate, blackhead, bedsore, boil, chisel, chop down. aperture, mark, lacerate, mar, scotch, cranny, wound, gouge, scratch, rake, scarify, blowhole, cavity, abyss, crater, mangle. author, penetrate, burn-in, archive, access, pierce, capture, call up, block, browse, puncture, back up. articulation, blast, blast away, arrange, accompany, cross, beat out, baton, back, bang out, intersect, atmospherics. allegro, chorus, HIT, air, adagio, concerto, chant, cantata, arrangement, bass, whack, andante. adapt, alter, dramatize, append. bankroll, evade, bailout, appropriation, amount, leave, duck, cash flow, bond, bounty, shirk, blood money. cutting room, cutaway, direction, record, dub out, dub, dub in, dub over, tape, direct, animation. dodge, hoax, ruse, dissolve, prank, weaken, ploy, scheme, undermine, trick, impair, subterfuge, dirty tricks. carve up, cast, take apart, make, break down, screen off, form, fashion. erode, help, minimize, top-slice, shrivel, enter. collapse, decline, assemble, cutback, slump, dissever, fall, shrinkage, plunge. authorship, censorship, creative writing, pen name, authorial, bestselling, pagination, editorial. change, blow-dry, condition, skew, cornrow, crimp, comb out, backcomb, yaw, comb, barbershop. brisket, chump, beefsteak, chuck, corn dog, cutlet, strong, chuck steak, water. fabric, fiber, pleat, cloth, material, coldshoulder, gather, shun, yarn, textile, fold, spurn, accept. crisscross, decussate, mute, subside, meet, chip away, moderate. cinematic, film, celluloid, cinematography, the big screen, frame, Bollywood, FX, FPS. cut across, cut through, push, fight your way, traverse, bulldoze. cavern, pothole, cave, chasm, crevasse. gouge out, cut away. finely, etch. extend, telescope, elongate, grow, lengthen. queue, line up, wait in/on line, jump in line, head, stand in line, join a line, first come, first served. jibe, kiss off, insult, name calling, offence. abridged (noun)
abridged, censored, truncated, reduced, abbreviated, shortened, edited, condensed.
bisection (noun)
bifurcation, dichotomy, hemisphere, half-and-half.
cut (noun)
deletion, shredded, prune, tailor, felled, decreased, stinger, curve, trimmed, issue, rationalise, make out, injured, skip, cut down, hand-hewn, cut of meat, perforate, cutting, hack, pierced, clipped, turn off, unsexed, cold shoulder, downed, swing, disregard, slit, down, hewn, reduced, slew, edit, style, slitted, sheer, dilute, gelded, thin, rationalize, trim back, sliced, edit out, diluted, thin out, severed, cut-up, crosscut, slice, snub, shortened, veer, trend, track, excision, chopped, abridged, write out, mown, gashed, bring down, castrated, sheared, slash, cut back, switch off, split, thinned, weakened, perforated, ignore, swerve, incised, slue, gash, trim, cutting off, baseball swing, emasculated, slashed, punctured, trim down.
cut back (noun)
curtail, crop, lessen, lower, slash, lop, reduce, trim, prune, decrease, check.
cut down (noun)
reduce, curtail, hew, diminish, lessen, lower, prune, lop, decrease, chop down.
cut off (noun)
block, detach, sever, remove, amputate, separate, insulate, disconnect.
cut out (noun)
delete, edit, separate, omit, break down, remove, exclude, excise.
cut up (noun)
trim, fashion, part, ration, shave, proportion, bit, slice, nick, slash, divide, dissect, slit, incision, clip, piece, dice, rip, score, wound, carve, form, cutback, gash, portion, crop, share, quota, dismember, style, reduction, decrease, whack, notch.
dent (noun)
discounted price (noun)
deduction, mark down, refund, sale, rebate, bargain, reduction.
disjunction (noun)
bisection, disassociation, disunity, dissociation, Disarticulation, segregation, dissection, disconnection, cleavage, detachment, disintegration, amputation, disengagement, division, fissure, partition, separation, disassembly, incision, alienation.
groove (noun)
gully, dado, canal, ditch, groove, gutter, slot, rut, trough, trench, channel, flute, ravine, furrow, corrugation.
incision (noun)
dissection, mark, wound, slit, snip, fissure, notch, nick, cleft, chop, rip, shave, pierce, slash, trench, cleavage, slot, trim, furrow, groove, gash, rent.
notch (noun)
crevice, gap, jog, cleft, indentation, serration, indent, nick, score, rift, gash, notch, chink.
opening (noun)
portion (noun)
bit, fraction, percentage, member, subdivision, stake, lot, half, commission, compartment, interest, allowance, helping, proportion, quantum, sector, stock, dividend, quota, allotment.
portion of profit (noun)
division, quota, slice, allowance, allotment, segment, piece, percentage, member, part, share, lot.
reduced (noun)
impure, lowered, marked down, watered, diluted, Discounted, slashed, reduced.
reduction, diminution (noun)
cutback, decrease, reduction, fall.
severed (noun)
divided, split, detached, separated, severed.
shape (noun)
fashion, style, form.
slashed (noun)
style, shape of clothing (noun)
form, fashion.
type, kind (noun)


allot (verb)
apportion, allot, dispense, budget, Mete, allocate, deal, distribute, share, measure, earmark, parcel, portion, give, ration, segment, allow, assign, set.
allotted (verb)
assigned, measured, Dealt, Allowed, allocated, Portioned, shared, partitioned, dispensed, distributed, segmented, apportioned, rationed, Earmarked, Gave, Parceled, budgeted, given, Meted, allotted.
castrate (verb)
emasculate, geld, spay, unman, sterilize, castrate.
castrated (verb)
emasculated, gelded, spayed, unmanned, sterilized, castrated.
cheapen (verb)
cheapen, debase, slash, devaluate, belittle, devalue, degrade, deflate.
cheapened (verb)
debased, degraded, devaluated, Cheapened, belittled, marked down, slashed, devalued.
dilute (verb)
attenuate, thin, dilute.
diluted (verb)
attenuated, diluted, watered, thinned.
groove (verb)
dig, corrugate.
grooved (verb)
dug, furrowed, Fluted, rutted, corrugated, Channeled, incised, grooved.
halve (verb)
branch, fork, rupture, tear, slit, bifurcate.
halved (verb)
branched, ruptured, bifurcated, forked, fissured, slitted, tore, Rented, torn.
injured (verb)
notch (verb)
notched (verb)
gashed, split, cleaved, cracked, chinked, Nicked, slitted, serrated, indented, notched, Scored, incised.
obliterate (verb)
cancel, expurgate, strike, annul, annihilate, obliterate, expunge, erase, edit, eradicate, omit, censor.
obliterated (verb)
edited, expurgated, Annulled, censored, struck, Omitted, stricken, Canceled, Expunged, Erased, obliterated, Eradicated, annihilated.
portion (verb)
compartmentalize, dismember, piece, zone, subdivide, chunk.
portioned (verb)
chunked, compartmentalized.
reject (verb)
clip, snip, excise, exude, secrete, deny, exclude, scrap, crop, disapprove, abandon, discard, check, chop, eliminate, curtail, disclaim, emit, discharge, seep, deep-six, lop, erupt, exhaust, junk, evacuate, disgorge, jettison, belch, reject, blackball, excrete, jilt, trash, spew, shed, disallow, cull, vomit, oppugn, shear, vent, drain, eject, blacklist, bar.
rejected (verb)
seeped, drained, Ejected, lopped, evacuated, sheared, Curtailed, vented, Spewed, Sniped, Excreted, Disgorged, erupted, Belched, shedded, Vomited, Ejaculated, Secreted, Culled, cropped, Oppugned, Emitted, Exuded, discharged, exhausted, clipped, scraped.
separate (verb)
disarticulate, scissor, break, alienate, amputate, estrange, halve, uncouple, rip, dissociate, incise, insulate, disintegrate, fragment, rend, dissect, sunder, cleave, sever, Unfix, dismantle, separate, remove, detach, divorce, axe, unhinge, part, disaffiliate, split, slice, disjoin, Unglue, disassociate, divide, disconnect, disunite, bisect, disassemble, disengage, segregate.
separated (verb)
dismantled, sliced, segregated, alienated, unhinged, unfixed, incised, severed, divided, disconnected, fragmented, separated, cleaved, detached, Disintegrated, broken, disunited, uncoupled, Bisected, Disengaged, Halved, rent, dissociated, Insulated, broke, parted, unglued, Disassociated, divorced, ripped, estranged, disassembled, axed, dissected, Amputated, disjoined, Sundered, disaffiliated.
sever, chop with sharp instrument; incise (verb)
hack, scarify, chisel, score, dissever, perforate, sliver, scissor, puncture, scythe, hew, reap, penetrate, rend, lacerate, clip, dice, dissect, amputate, quarter, cleave, prune, facet, bisect, curtail, rive, divide, decussate, lop, intersect, shear, behead, separate, crop, carve.
subtract (verb)
deduct, bob, discount, depreciate, weed, abridge, diminish, dock, trim, lower, elide, pare, prune, lessen, reduce, shave, decrease, delete, subtract.
subtracted (verb)
deducted, Depreciated, decreased, subtracted, lowered, weeded, trimmed, clipped, abridged, reduced, Discounted, lessened, Bobbed, Elided, docked, cropped, Deleted, Pared, diminished, Curtailed, pruned, shaved, sheared.

Other synonyms:

censorship, skew, beefsteak, animation, append, gouge out, lacerate, creative writing, shrinkage, dissever, lengthen, name calling, cutback, impure, reap, disable, corn dog, brisket, coldshoulder, dub out, cutting room, FPS, pen name, carve, etch, authorial, dub in, pagination, the big screen, chuck steak, bestselling, cutlet, dub over, cinematography, elongate, cut away, dramatize, authorship, cinematic, cutaway, Bollywood. chump, injure, editorial, bulldoze, pierce, chip away, yarn, truant, wound, textile, crisscross, truncate, slump, cloth, bruise, pleat, collapse. chisel, fabric, shuffle, record, line up, water, queue, fiber, cut through, decline, jibe, celluloid, finely, shun, shut off, telescope, yaw, dub, spurn, adapt. plunge, slight, kiss off, stamp out. crimp, direction, chuck, direct, weaken, film, material, rake, penetrate. bid, gather, fold. strain. frame, fall. grow, cross. quarter. draw. see, push. pass. head. call. cut short
cut up
cut back.
get rid of
deep-sixed, deep-six.
line up, queue.
lower, mark down, lowered.
take apart.
turn off
switch off.
thin out.
Other relevant words:
whack, cutback, gouge, pass, skip, leave, alter, style, fashion, snub, cut down, cut back, swing, duck, cast, hack, crimp, pierce, scarify, HIT, carve, cutting, cranny, dissolve, hew, chisel, scratch, mark, crosscut, water, penetrate, crevasse, wound, form.

Usage examples for cut

  1. But it seemed such a pity to cut that beautiful fish. – Menhardoc by George Manville Fenn
  2. I would like to cut yours. – Windows (Fifth Series Plays) by John Galsworthy Last Updated: February 10, 2009
  3. " When you say 'right away, ' do you mean -" I cut in. – Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow