Synonyms for Command:


compulsion, absolutism, royalty, despotism, empire, jurisdiction, coercion, constraint, annul, dominion, authorization, supervision, headship, bring in a verdict, tyranny, acquit, award, superintendence, presidency, bar, acquittal. facility, look after, watch over, ability, run, expertise. corps, center, division, fort, detail, camp, sector, company, brigade, contingent, army, group, regiment, vanguard, battery, detachment, rear, cavalry, battalion, garrison, post, advance guard, platoon, unit, squad. air power, airborne, the artillery, the Coast Guard, tell, instruct, enjoin, air force, over, words, the armed forces, C-IN-C. possess, greatness, oligopoly, enjoy, boast, monopoly, owned, have. wear, bristle with, tend, seem, grow in, captain, rate, bear, precede. sight, view, tower above, backdrop, viewpoint, scene. order around, push around, tax with, boss around. be extra, come in at, set-back, buy, cost, get your money's worth, work out. authority (noun)
mandate, commission, birthright, jurisdiction, precedence, punch, mightiness, enfranchisement, cogency, seniority, sovereignty, faculty, prestige, clout, potency, charge, powerfulness, entitlement, stature, title, prerogative, purview, Prepotency, right, empowerment, puissance, strength, force, credential, superiority, kingship, mastery, steam, office, license, privilege, authority, rank, might, primacy.
command (noun)
grip, require, compel, bidding, law, instruction, dictation, supremacy, will, hold, mastery, dominate, overlook, overtop, reign, prowess, program line, bid, statement, control, grasp, coordination.
control (noun)
management, oversight, leadership, helm, administration (of an estate), direction, government, conn, domination.
direction (noun)
directive, instruction (noun)
exaction, regulation, dictate, imperative, caveat, law, enactment, will, act, charge, fiat, prohibition, proscription, direction, interdiction, prescript, canon, imposition, notification, behest, dictum, precept, ultimatum, ordinance, ban, requirement, writ, order, edict, injunction, subpoena, citation, request, decree, proclamation, commandment, dictation, requisition, rule, call, word, bidding, mandate, warrant.
influence (noun)
predominance, motivation, pull, importance.
knowledge (noun)
power (noun)
competence, vigor, energy.
rule, power (noun)
tyranny, coercion, royalty, control, constraint, primacy, authority, domination, authorization, government, absolutism, jurisdiction, might, dominion, compulsion, ability, management, right, prerogative, grasp, sovereignty, sway, supremacy, supervision, grip, hold, leadership, despotism, expertise.


command (verb)
communication (verb)
control (verb)
govern, pilot, direct, discipline, administer, superintend, manage, dominate, order, harness, preside, supervise, bridle, rule, execute, oversee, control, lead, steer.
demand (verb)
instruct, require, enjoin, direct, tell, bar, compel, authorize, bid.
direct (verb)
lord, conduct, master, boss.
dominate (verb)
prevail, better, subordinate, oppress, conquer, vanquish, surmount, triumph, succeed, overcome, win.
empower (verb)
invigorate, enforce, rouse, energize, strengthen.
influence (verb)
influence, affect, motivate, bias, authorize, pressure, predominate, prejudice, power, empower, sway.
master (verb)
order (verb)
requisition, fiat, writ, enjoin.

Other synonyms:

platoon, vanguard, contingent, directive, account name, air force, corps, tell, tower above, Edi, the Coast Guard, set-back, C-IN-C, watch over, colocation, air power, the armed forces, end system, expertise, advance guard, brigade, come in at, squad, Extranet, garrison, push around, battalion, order around, headship, ethernet, imposition, connect up, exaction, client-server. detachment, airborne, dictate, cavalry, army, post, instruct, look after, enjoy, company, tax with. boast, division, captain. ability, dominion, call. possess, have. cost. buy, work out, run. word. dominate
tower above.
subpoena, citation.

Usage examples for command

  1. I think the major's in command – Captain Jinks, Hero by Ernest Crosby
  2. Silence followed her command – Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore by Pauline Lester
  3. But if I must take Tisch, I always command her to sit behind me. – Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess by Henry W. Fischer