Synonyms for Apparel:


get up. thread, dud, Habiliment, put on. apparel (noun)
dress, garment, clothing, clothe, wear, fit out, enclothe, vesture, raiment, habilitate, article of clothing, clothes, garb, wearing apparel, tog.
article of clothing (noun)
artifact (noun)
dress, wearing apparel, clothes.
clothes (noun)
clothing (noun)
vestment, raincoat, smock, burnoose, habit, ensemble, jumper, homburg, fedora, afghan, mackintosh, slacks, doublet, crinoline, panties, nightgown, wrapper, array, petticoat, costume, bonnet, halter, greatcoat, garment, jersey, trench coat, beret, trimming, frock, gown, skirt, dressing gown, poncho, robe, tunic, wrap, smoking jacket, scarf, overcoat, dinner jacket, sweat shirt, sarong, hat, pants, corset, raiment, brassiere, stetson, pyjamas, outfit, chemise, bathrobe, bowler, attire, slicker, coat, turtle-neck, blue jeans, shorts, topcoat, housecoat, sports coat, kilt, caftan, cape, sweat suit, blazer, tuxedo, cloak, pajamas, v neck, pea coat, headdress, camisole, evening gown, footgear, boot, clothing, sweater, shawl, pull over, trousers, sari, pinafore, parka, jacket, kimono, stockings, chapeau, blouse, vesture, clothes, t-shirt, duds, windbreaker, garb, shirt, pillbox, fez, shoes, fur, dress, ulster, suit.
clothing; covering (noun)
dress, habit, costume, attire, vestment, garb, duds, suit, raiment, outfit, array, clothes, garment, Habiliment, robe.


body (verb)
enclothe, tog, habilitate, garb, garment, fit out, dress, raiment, clothe.

Other synonyms:

Habiliment. dud. thread. clothe
fit out, habilitate.
Other relevant words:
article of clothing, clothe, fit out, Habiliment, thread, dud, wear, tog, habilitate, wearing apparel, enclothe, put on.

Usage examples for apparel

  1. The goddess Athena disguised herself in humble apparel and visited Arachne. – A Child's Story Garden by Compiled by Elizabeth Heber
  2. Returning to Mr. Wilson's barn, the fugitive changed his apparel and again retraced his steps into the street. – Clotelle The Colored Heroine by William Wells Brown
  3. More than one tear had fallen on the various dainty articles of wearing apparel as she consigned them to her trunk. – Marjorie Dean, High School Junior by Pauline Lester