Synonyms for Facet:


property, component, nature, factor, quality, feature, peculiarity. frame of reference, angle, phase, charm, clasp, setting, side, set, light, bead, perspective, regard, hand, respect. plane, study at phase. aspect (noun)
plane, phase, side, study at phase.
attribute (noun)
condition (noun)
facet (noun)
phase (noun)
surface; aspect (noun)
plane, angle, phase, hand, feature, side.

Other synonyms:

peculiarity, bead, nature, frame of reference, component, property. feature, quality. factor. side. setting. charm, respect. hand. light. set. Other relevant words:
feature, hand, light, frame of reference, clasp, regard, respect, property, nature, bead, quality, set, perspective, peculiarity, phase, side, plane, setting, component, factor, charm, angle.