Synonyms for Filter:


dislodge, weed out, take off, extract, seep, infiltrate, take, remove, sweep away, exude, get out, flush out, distill, drain, ooze. Bunsen Burner, accelerator, bell jar, beaker, conical flask, burette, boiling tube, condenser, centrifuge, separate, electron microscope, clarify. applet, bot, client, bootstrap program, compiler, browser, computer program, add-on, assembler, architecture. aperture, camera, celluloid, digicam, darkroom, cartridge, developer, Asa, camcorder, boom. circulate, spread, leak out, emerge, appear, come out, get around, break. bottleneck, gridlock, busy, congestion, jam, back up, hold up, congestion charge, bumper-to-bumper. bend, focus, fade, flood, reflect, bathe, play, waver, catch. butt, cigarette, chew, cigar, fag, briar, cigarette paper, ciggy, cheroot. carry on, head, pass, forge ahead, press, move, progress, walk-on, go, flow. cone, crosswalk, crossing, crossroads, green light, circus, grade crossing, jaywalking, cross. filter (noun)
filter out, separate out, percolate, permeate, strain, dribble, sink in, trickle, filtrate.


clean (verb)
neaten, wipe, purify, wash, sanitize, order, clean, tidy, sweep, purge, cleanse, launder, clear, Disinfect, scrub, sterilize.
contact (verb)
percolate, filtrate, separate out, filter out, strain, permeate, sink in.
purify (verb)
refine, simplify.
separate to refine; seep through (verb)
filtrate, distill, strain, exude, trickle, dribble, permeate, refine, purify, drain, ooze, percolate, clarify, clean.

Other synonyms:

bumper-to-bumper, gridlock, grade crossing, green light, jaywalking, bottleneck, waver, congestion charge, crosswalk. crossing, congestion, hold up, clarify, reflect, crossroads, jam. busy, fade, bathe. circus, cone. focus. bend, flood. back up. play. cross. catch. permeate
infiltrate, permeate.
clarify, refine.
Other relevant words:
extract, gridlock, infiltrate, congestion, percolate, permeate, drain, ooze, hold up, sink in, dribble, weed out, exude, clarify, trickle, separate, cross, green light, seep, jaywalking, pass, distill, strain, filtrate, filter out, bumper-to-bumper, reflect, separate out.

Usage examples for filter

  1. Filter was in a dream about the ledger. – A Canadian Bankclerk by J. P. Buschlen
  2. The moonlight was too dim for Nelly Lebrun to make out the face of Lou Macon, but even the light which escaped through the filter of clouds was enough to set her golden hair glowing. – Gunman's Reckoning by Max Brand
  3. In his own interest, therefore, more than through any yielding to motives of pity and compassion, he piloted her to a chair by a window and brought her a glass of clear cold water from the filter in the adjoining room. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance