Synonyms for Outfit:


material (adjective)


agent, big business, account, the biz, acquisition, base, affiliate, blue-chip, anchor, agency. means, materiel, resource, come up with, offer, material, equipment, provide, paraphernalia, serve, satisfy, supply, thing, cater to, gear, apparatus, accouterment. guise, put on, get up, Habiliment. business, firm, corporation, enterprise, house, establishment, concern. appoint, turn out, give. article of clothing (noun)
business (noun)
business establishment (noun)
clothes (noun)
clothing (noun)
gown, scarf, hat, chapeau, footgear, smock, sweater, vestment, housecoat, sarong, camisole, raiment, frock, windbreaker, corset, clothing, slacks, skirt, robe, halter, brassiere, ulster, trench coat, trousers, pants, smoking jacket, garb, fez, cape, chemise, jacket, pajamas, headdress, turtle-neck, bonnet, pyjamas, shorts, petticoat, overcoat, fedora, sweat suit, pull over, sari, poncho, dressing gown, evening gown, sports coat, burnoose, bowler, kimono, nightgown, blouse, stockings, shirt, stetson, topcoat, blue jeans, afghan, sweat shirt, habit, jersey, jumper, pinafore, duds, t-shirt, shoes, pillbox, ensemble, crinoline, garment, parka, bathrobe, tuxedo, trimming, caftan, suit, cloak, coat, tunic, slicker, homburg, boot, fur, raincoat, mackintosh, shawl, apparel, panties, blazer, dinner jacket, kilt, v neck, beret, pea coat, clothes, wrapper, greatcoat, vesture, doublet.
collection (noun)
crew (noun)
covey, set, clique, aggregation, crew, troupe, host, cabal, posse, circle, regiment, union, retinue, coterie, faction, gang, phalanx, troop, wing, junta, platoon, litter, flock, crowd, school, cadre, division, ring, cell, coalition, drove, clan, fraternity, assembly, caucus, bunch, nest, detail, bevy, battalion, hive, club, league, tribe, brigade, collection, team, party, mob, fleet, band, force, squad, assemblage, sect, group, fellowship, detachment, herd, string, body, staff, society, colony, pack, army, complement, company.
large group; business (noun)
band, concern, establishment, party, house, company, team, clique, set, coterie, enterprise, troupe, troop, crew, squad, firm.
outfit (noun)
fit, kit, rig, getup, equip, fit out.
set of clothes or equipment (noun)
garb, ensemble, kit, materiel, rig, suit, apparatus, clothing, costume, paraphernalia, guise, gear, outlay.
social organization (noun)
suit (noun)
trappings (noun)
equipment, outlay, gear.


clothe (verb)
clothe, costume, attire, array, dress, accouter, wear, wrap.
clothe, equip (verb)
appoint, supply, furnish, prepare, turn out, provide, fit out.
prepare (verb)
equip, foster, prepare, fabricate, draft, develop, arrange, make, ready, fit, compose, fashion, devise, marshal, furnish, formulate, mobilize, prime, curry, construct.

Other synonyms:

accouterment, Habiliment, provide. corporation, paraphernalia, apparatus, materiel, appoint. business, get up, material, guise. enterprise, gear, establishment. house. thing. supply
cater to.
Other relevant words:
anchor, agent, outlay, firm, give, thing, equipment, put on, come up with, offer, material, business, accouterment, means, guise, supply, house, gear, establishment, rig, satisfy, kit, apparatus, concern, getup, affiliate, enterprise, cater to, account, acquisition, provide, base, agency, corporation, resource, serve, appoint, fit out, Habiliment, paraphernalia, materiel.

Usage examples for outfit

  1. The snow stayed, to prepare the roads for Santa's outfit – A Canadian Bankclerk by J. P. Buschlen
  2. Wouldn't you like all the rest of the outfit and me, too? – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White
  3. " Which you've been sort of scarce around the outfit lately," went on Purvis. – The Untamed by Max Brand