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outfit - 294 results
clothing (noun)

gown, bowler, mackintosh, caftan, duds, kimono, tunic, pajamas, bonnet, panties, homburg, crinoline, v-neck, pants, costume, fez, tuxedo, petticoat, blazer, parka, wrapper, pinafore, habit, clothes, doublet, t-shirt, smoking jacket, garb, sweat suit, blue jeans, kilt, burnoose, trimming, clothing, corset, cape, evening gown, ensemble, greatcoat, pull-over, topcoat, stockings, array, windbreaker, trench coat, boot, trousers, dinner jacket, sari, footgear, cloak, nightgown, pyjamas, hat, sweat shirt, slacks, smock, dress, garment, bathrobe, sarong, camisole, shoes, suit, scarf, shirt, overcoat, shorts, Stetson, chemise, beret, vestment, fur, housecoat, ulster, slicker, poncho, coat, frock, sweater, Jersey, skirt, turtle-neck, vesture, jumper, raincoat, Afghan, raiment, apparel, shawl, dressing gown, attire, fedora, pillbox, pea coat, chapeau, jacket, robe, sports coat, blouse, halter, headdress, brassiere, wrap.

clothe (verb)

array, dress, accouter, clothe, wear, wrap, attire, costume.

prepare (verb)

equip, foster, marshal, arrange, prime, furnish, fit, curry, dress, devise, make, prepare, mobilize, construct, fashion, formulate, draft, compose, develop, fabricate, set, ready.

crew (noun)

crowd, battalion, brigade, cabal, clan, troop, school, body, colony, assembly, staff, platoon, army, coterie, phalanx, club, company, drove, crew, caucus, faction, string, fraternity, nest, coalition, herd, circle, bevy, fellowship, gang, complement, covey, group, band, party, detail, fleet, cell, team, posse, society, assemblage, aggregation, clique, division, pack, tribe, junta, wing, host, troupe, league, sect, force, hive, cadre, detachment, ring, mob, union, squad, regiment, retinue, flock, litter, collection, bunch, set.

Other synonyms:

tally, accoutrements, thing, articulated lorry, turn out, put on, widening, fishing tackle, resource, sidetrack, check, match, siding, cheat, equip, base, trailer truck, meet, rigging, rig, gear, establishment, swindle, turnout, serve, means, enclothe, stuff, habiliment, accouterment, drag, conform to, paraphernalia, semi, tractor trailer, give, guise, trucking rig, accommodate, material, equipage, appoint, correspond, corporation, equipment, interest, fit, fishing rig, firm, getup, offer, agree, materiel, go, apparatus, outturn, kit, enterprise, equipment, big business, livery, tackle, business, satisfy, output, supply, gibe, habilitate, acquisition, concern, outlay, cater to, the biz, anchor, blue chip, get-up, account, agent, house, railroad siding, gear, provide, come up with, tog, hardware, carriage, fit out, agency, togs, affiliate, jibe, fishing gear.

Examples of usage:

The snow stayed, to prepare the roads for Santa's outfit. - "A Canadian Bankclerk", J. P. Buschlen.

Wouldn't you like all the rest of the outfit, and me, too? - "The Heart of the Range", William Patterson White.

" Which you've been sort of scarce around the outfit lately," went on Purvis. - "The Untamed", Max Brand.

Similar words:

outwit, outset, outvie, outfox, output, outlet, output signal, sales outlet, electric outlet.

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