Synonyms for Amplify:


fade, go off, ring, deafen, reverberate, echo. define, wax, clarify, mount, illustrate, upsurge, set out, snowball, soar, run-through, interpret, beef up, escalate, proliferate, build, rise, put across, lay out, build up, run up. explain, labor. amplify (noun)
expand, magnify, exaggerate, overdraw, hyerbolise, blow up, overstate, hyperbolize, inflate.


change (verb)
expand (verb)
distend, dilate, develop, thicken, stretch, engorge, swell, spread.
increase (verb)
elevate, augment, heighten, broaden, increase, boost, advance, magnify, increment, extend, add, expand, grow, upgrade, multiply, lengthen, enlarge, reinforce, inflate, fatten, raise, accrue, burgeon, widen, maximize.
increase in size or effect (verb)
heighten, inflate, beef up, extend, augment, add, build up, stretch, expand, boost, lengthen, enlarge, swell, magnify, raise, exaggerate, widen, develop.

Other synonyms:

fade, deafen, upsurge. escalate, wax, reverberate, echo, snowball. proliferate, soar, ring, go off. mount. rise. build. exaggerate
hyperbolize, overdraw.
expand, thicken.
boost, snowball.
beef up.
Other relevant words:
wax, hyperbolize, proliferate, fade, explain, deafen, blow up, labor, clarify, upsurge, rise, exaggerate, build, augment, beef up, overstate, illustrate, define, overdraw, mount, build up, ring, snowball, interpret, hyerbolise, echo, soar, reverberate, escalate.

Usage examples for amplify

  1. Their purpose was doubtless the same as that of certain modern dramatists who, with a view to making plays less difficult for those unaccustomed to reading them, greatly amplify the stage directions before their plays go to print. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker