Synonyms for Mighty:


energetic (adjective)
peppy, forceful, zippy, fervid, mettlesome, strong, energetic, ardent, potent, driven, vigorous, zealous, snappy, vivacious, effervescent, active, spirited, puissant, spunky, powerful.
forceful, powerful (adjective)
muscular, strong, stalwart, omnipotent, stout, vigorous, robust, puissant, potent, sturdy.
gigantic, monumental (adjective)
considerable, huge, prodigious, towering, extensive, grand, high, tremendous, impressive, enormous, extraordinary, irresistible, massive, majestic, magnificent, great, notable, dynamic, colossal, stupendous, heroic, titanic, large, vast, immense.
large (adjective)
powerful (adjective)
energetic, masterful, forceful, potent, commanding, authoritative, competent, controlling, puissant, vigorous, powerful, strong.
strong (adjective)
stout, sinewy, vigorous, robust, stable, potent, muscular, firm, sturdy, formidable, powerful, strong, vital, stalwart, husky, brawny, energetic, virile, mettlesome, tough.


highly (adverb)


all (adverb)
right, powerful.
highly (adverb)
highly, extremely.


wide, high. a lot, really, omnipotent, deeply, particularly, well, indeed, immensely, great, thoroughly. extremely, very, exceedingly. big, jumbo, prodigious, behemoth, herculean, stupendous, mammoth, giant, Bunyanesque, tremendous, monumental, immense, mountainous, mastodonic, whopping, monstrous, gargantuan, Massy, vast, monster, heroic, Pythonic, walloping, gigantic, huge, titanic, massive, Brobdingnagian, enormous, Gigantesque, cyclopean, elephantine, colossal. awful, highly, extra, awfully, greatly, notably, exceptionally, eminently, dreadfully, most. imposing (noun)
impressive, grand, considerable, great, extensive, plain, dynamic, magnificent, high-and-mighty, monumental, irresistible, towering, titanic, majestic, notable, tremendous, large, gigantic, extraordinary.
mighty (noun)
right, powerful.

Other synonyms:

cyclopean, Pythonic, Gigantesque, dreadfully, Massy, mastodonic, Brobdingnagian, walloping, large, Bunyanesque. greatly, gargantuan, whopping, extremely, gigantic, prodigious, exceedingly, elephantine, highly, eminently, titanic, vast, monumental, tremendous, enormous, colossal, mountainous, immense, notably, huge. herculean, stupendous, exceptionally, awfully, monstrous, heroic. massive, extra. very. monster. exalted
Other relevant words:
cyclopean, exceedingly, considerable, herculean, Pythonic, omnipotent, enormous, dynamic, plain, huge, colossal, monster, mammoth, very, dreadfully, deeply, extra, right, immensely, behemoth, wide, large, stalwart, elephantine, big, monumental, indeed, high, really, thoroughly, notable, stupendous, grand, Gigantesque, tremendous, Brobdingnagian, irresistible, magnificent, awfully, highly, jumbo, most, mastodonic, greatly, prodigious, giant, impressive, well, Bunyanesque, titanic, towering, mountainous, notably, extensive, great, massive, particularly, vast, extremely, eminently, heroic, monstrous, Massy, immense, majestic, gigantic, extraordinary, awful, walloping, exceptionally, gargantuan, whopping.

Usage examples for mighty

  1. She goin' to be mighty glad to see you. – The Land of Long Ago by Eliza Calvert Hall
  2. " I am mighty sorry I didn't get one," he said. – Ronicky Doone by Max Brand