Synonyms for Story:


depiction, memoir, characterization, portrayal, literature, portrait, profile, fairy tale, fantasy. comedy, version, detective, drama, statement, classic, words, black comedy, description, adaptation. cartoon, advice column, announcement, artwork, article, real, centerfold, banner headline, cheesecake, classified ad, byline. happen, story line, cause, ground, excuse, occasion, motivation, in justification of something, motive, pretext, reason. conversation, chatter, squib, banter, bit, paragraph, chat, item, small talk, repartee, schmooze, heart-to-heart, piece, gossip, waffle. gallery, loft, ground floor, basement, tall tale, downstairs, lower ground floor, the first floor. true, fish story, prevarication, falsity, misrepresentation, misstatement, cock-and-bull story, lie, whopper, untruth, canard, Inveracity. account (noun)
account, news (noun)
fantasy, narration, description, fairy tale, version, myth, romance, serial, history, yarn, parable, drama, epic, article, narrative, memoir, chronicle, tale, legend, fable, anecdote, allegory, novel, saga, fiction, report, comedy.
falsehood (noun)
misrepresentation, misstatement.
layer (noun)
graduation, tier, blanket, covering, coat, layer, hierarchy, Strata, lamination, level, mantle.
lie (noun)
falsity, cock-and-bull story, canard, untruth, prevarication, fib, misrepresentation.
life (noun)
piece of writing (noun)
prose (noun)
legend, epic, anecdote, novel, narrative, tale, saga, recount, yarn, reminiscence, fiction, storyline, account, parable, serial, plainness, plot, romance, fable, retelling, allegory, chronicle, prosaicness, reading matter, episode, novella, myth, short story, prose, scenario.
story (noun)
history, floor, taradiddle, account, chronicle, narrative, fib, narration, tale, report, storey, write up, news report, level, tarradiddle.

Other synonyms:

description, lie, tall tale, profile, cock-and-bull story, fish story, story line, characterization, whopper, literature, depiction, canard, portrayal. paragraph, misstatement, misrepresentation, Inveracity, untruth, portrait, squib. version, falsity, prevarication. piece, bit, item. folk tale
fairy tale.
Other relevant words:
adaptation, article, characterization, account, cock-and-bull story, portrait, lie, portrayal, item, motivation, happen, schmooze, comedy, motive, basement, news report, true, conversation, literature, classic, pretext, report, chatter, artwork, canard, narration, untruth, detective, floor, depiction, heart-to-heart, centerfold, occasion, paragraph, profile, memoir, misstatement, history, byline, repartee, fib, cause, chat, storey, description, tarradiddle, whopper, squib, version, fairy tale, gossip, misrepresentation, falsity, write up, announcement, reason, prevarication, tall tale, excuse, cartoon, taradiddle, ground, banter, piece, Inveracity, bit, downstairs, gallery, fish story, words, ground floor, statement, waffle, cheesecake, loft, fantasy, real, drama.

Usage examples for story

  1. You told a great story – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore
  2. " I will tell my story – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope