Synonyms for Iron:


hard, tough; inflexible (adjective)
dense, rigid, adamant, ferrous, relentless, insensible, implacable, inexorable, firm, strong, cruel, stubborn, heavy, robust, unyielding, unbending, adamantine, indomitable, obdurate.
rocklike (adjective)


carbohydrate, aspartame, ascorbic acid, caffeine, curd, colouring, butterfat, ironclad, coloring, additive, albumin. strong, inflexible, boarding, insensible, hard, implacable, board, bitumen, adobe, cruel, unyielding, dense, stubborn, caulk, firm, adamant, indomitable, brownstone, cement, aggregate, heavy, asbestos, brick. competitive, determined, vigorous, ambitious, sedulous, motivated, red-blooded, insistent, purposeful, strapping, able-bodied, sturdy, lusty, driven, vital, dedicated, persistent. remorseless, unrelenting, hang out, boil, drip-dry, grim, come out, intransigent, obdurate, resist, relentless, Incompliant, unbending, adamantine, uncompromising, dry clean, inexorable, uncompliant, rigid, hang up, dhobi, come off, air, die-hard, dry cleaner's, unbendable, brassbound. fetter, handcuff, unforgiving, authoritarian, strict, restraint, stern, hobble, shackle, stringent, austere, tough, manacle, hardline, Gyve, free, severe. bronze, ferrous, leaden, golden, leaded, brazen. hunger strike, lights-out, leg irons, fetters, conjugal visit, compound. dryer, washer, machine, washer-dryer, steam iron, tumble-dryer, flat iron, drier. element (noun)
calcium, krypton, gadolinium, lutetium, tantalum, oxygen, holmium, actinium, helium, cesium, germanium, silver, iodine, tin, chlorine, erbium, zirconium, beryllium, sodium, magnesium, gold, palladium, titanium, yttrium, sulfur, arsenic, bismuth, neodymium, neptunium, samarium, francium, promethium, mendelevium, rubidium, manganese, potassium, fluorine, vanadium, berkelium, thallium, argon, americium, rhenium, antimony, hafnium, chromium, thulium, protactinium, osmium, ruthenium, boron, lithium, cadmium, thorium, scandium, carbon, indium, molybdenum, technetium, terbium, radon, cobalt, gallium, rhodium, praseodymium, plutonium, barium, tellurium, lead, nickel, nitrogen, phosphorus, einsteinium, neon, copper, dysprosium, nobelium, radium, xenon, zinc, strontium, bromine, curium, tungsten, selenium, cerium, californium, silicon, ytterbium, mercury, aluminum, europium, lanthanum, element, polonium, niobium, uranium, hydrogen, iridium, astatine, fermium, platinum.
golf (noun)
bunker, caddy, bogie, backswing, ace, bogey, birdie.
iron (noun)
atomic number 26, robust, Cast iron, irons, chain, chains, branding iron, fe, iron out, smoothing iron.
press (noun)
smooth, smooth out, roll, steam, finish, mangle, flatten.
punishment device (noun)
cowhide, cane, whip, stake, noose, birch rod, prison, thong, truncheon, thumbscrew, lash, electric chair, jail, captivity, rack, switch, whipping post, solitary confinement, gas chamber, bull whip, rope, gibbet, block, pillory, maiden, scaffold, rawhide, stocks, strap, gallows, ax, rod, guillotine, torture chamber.
punishment devices (noun)
Prisons, blocks, nooses, bull whips, Canes, maidens, straps, Axes, lashes, Pillories, scaffolds, switches, ropes, gibbets, racks, solitary confinements, jails, thongs, rawhides, whipping posts, whips, captivities, truncheons, stakes, thumbscrews, torture chambers, gas chambers, rods, guillotines, electric chairs, birch rods, cowhides.
restraint made of metal (noun)
fetter, leg irons, chain.


contact (verb)
iron out.

Other synonyms:

uncompliant, flat iron, handcuff, steam iron, washer-dryer, Gyve, unbendable, ferrous, brassbound, Incompliant, dryer, leaded, adamantine, tumble-dryer. relentless, able-bodied, golden, implacable, strapping, grim, vital, stubborn, uncompromising, inexorable, red-blooded, intransigent, die-hard, manacle, lusty, washer, unrelenting, adamant, shackle, brazen. leaden, obdurate, vigorous, remorseless, unbending, fetter. rigid, sturdy, bronze. inflexible, unyielding, hobble. restraint. machine. cast-iron
Cast iron.
Other relevant words:
board, inexorable, albumin, shackle, mangle, colouring, fetter, unyielding, aspartame, cruel, lusty, machine, intransigent, golden, vital, aggregate, brazen, insensible, adamantine, ace, dedicated, leg irons, vigorous, motivated, adobe, washer, brassbound, ironclad, uncompliant, dense, dryer, bronze, robust, dhobi, stringent, bogey, strong, implacable, birdie, competitive, curd, atomic number 26, asbestos, caffeine, inflexible, irons, strapping, persistent, smoothing iron, indomitable, carbohydrate, caddy, unrelenting, branding iron, butterfat, authoritarian, fe, cement, relentless, dry clean, resist, smooth out, roll, flatten, heavy, unforgiving, brick, bogie, able-bodied, grim, iron out, hard, boarding, determined, remorseless, restraint, manacle, leaden, unbendable, caulk, Gyve, backswing, compound, Incompliant, driven, brownstone, stubborn, air, hobble, smooth, unbending, free, adamant, washer-dryer, stern, boil, drip-dry, uncompromising, austere, handcuff, ambitious, tough, obdurate, firm, ferrous, die-hard, additive, leaded, rigid, drier, insistent, hardline, sedulous, sturdy, finish, red-blooded, steam, chains, coloring, bunker, purposeful, bitumen, strict, fetters, chain, severe.

Usage examples for iron

  1. Crawshay leaned over the iron gate of the car. – The Box with the Broken Seals by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. And if by any chance her family could not iron her dress, why somebody else must. – Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett
  3. What an iron man Grant is! – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009