Synonyms for Fix:


shrug off, cope, manage, handle, work out, carry off, surmount, get through, overcome. addiction, abuse, comedown, crack den, crackhouse, dependence, seat, bust, clean, cold turkey. join, anchor, pin, moor, move. hoax, ruse, dodge, dirty tricks, prank, trick, subterfuge, ploy. etch, dream up, map out, finalize, draw up, engrave, think ahead, inscribe, grave, marks, impress, stamp, imprint. entrench, bring forward, put back, time, put off, rearrange, reschedule, infix, ingrain, postpone. comb, barbershop, dictate, comb out, crimp, cornrow, impose, over, ordain, blow-dry, backcomb, braid, decree, prescribe. tragedy, conclude, nightmare, dispose of, worst-case scenario, battle, trouble, crisis, stress. bargain, cap, Capping, bottom out, bounce back, beat down, agree, climb, cheapen, negotiate, appraise. blend, pin on, chill, butcher, blame, butter, impute, blanch, bone, butchery, carve, bake. recall, stick in your mind/memory, be stamped on your memory/mind, relive, prepared, think back, do something from memory, prime, recollect, remember, bring/call someone/something to mind, fit. geld, reproduction, do up, castrate, neuter, spay, rich, heel. forgiveness, vet, the N.S.P.C.A., requite, vaccinate, redress, avenge, wreak, vindicate, the ASPCA, dock. watch it, if someone isn't careful, what's your problem?, do you want something?, don't even think about/of doing something, break someone's neck, or else, just (you) wait (until/till), (is that) understood?, on/under pain of something, tamper. bearing (noun)
bearing, aim, inclination, position, vector, location, orientation, course, direction, heading.
crisis (noun)
difficult or ticklish situation (noun)
pickle, predicament, jam, mess, dilemma, quandary, plight.
fix (noun)
fixing, furbish up, muddle, prepare, ready, doctor, fasten, pay off, bushel, make, repair, reparation, desex, location, desexualise, locating, kettle of fish, cook, touch on, posit, restore, pay back, desexualize, specify, jam, mess, get, fixture, localisation, mend, determine, fixate, sterilize, secure, unsex, situate, localization, mending, sterilise, set, limit, pickle.
fix up (noun)
jam, arrange, organize, quandary, mess, score, pickle, plight, plan, difficulty, settle, dilemma, muddle, predicament.
predicament (noun)
dilemma, difficulty, pickle, problem, quandary, plight, predicament, jam, ordeal, perplexity.
state (noun)
kettle of fish, jam, pickle, mess, muddle.


cook a meal (verb)
get, fit, ready, make, prepare.
correct (verb)
alter, adjust, patch, repair, revise, rectify, remedy, amend, correct, improve.
determine, decide (verb)
conclude, specify, limit, establish, work out, arrange.
establish, make firm (verb)
couple, anchor, secure, attach, affix, implant, connect, position, root, graft, install, plant, infix, settle, locate, pin, set, stabilize, fasten, embed, place, ingrain, moor, entrench.
focus on (verb)
fixate, put.
head (verb)
bear, steer, head.
install (verb)
ensconce, build in, initiate, put, graft, root, insert, locate, install, connect, Instate, embed, implant, plant.
mend, repair (verb)
do up, amend, restore, doctor, adjust, correct, sort, regulate, overhaul, revamp, patch, revise, recondition.
prepare, plan ahead (verb)
frame, set up.
rest (verb)
settle down, pause, stay, becalm, sleep, quiet, slumber, stagnate, wait, rest, calm, mark time, subside, still, vegetate, tranquilize, stand.
restore (verb)
mend, revive, renovate, recondition, darn, rehabilitate, restore, heal, overhaul, reconstitute, rejuvenate, cure.
stabilize (verb)
constrain, tie down, secure.
wreak vengeance on (verb)
pay back.

Other synonyms:

geld, couple, pin on, finalize, photograph, heuristics, dream up, put back, the ASPCA, process of elimination, vaccinate, the N.S.P.C.A., spay, think ahead, engrave, infix, postpone, map out. clip, affix, moor, tamper, compromise, wreak, pin, reschedule, rearrange, avenge, way out, bring forward, impute, revamp. draw up, inscribe, put off, impose, imprint, entrench, blame, prescribe, pap, redress, dictate. negotiate, attune, grave, etch, vet, attach, ordain, conclude, join. expose, anchor, stamp, requite, resolution. do up, focus, impress, blow up. dock, time, heel. answer, vindicate, fit. trouble. come out. bed
set up.
etch, inscribe.
build in.
pay back.
Other relevant words:
do up, affix, fix up, seat, doctor, set up, get, pin, pack, attach, specify, determine, fasten, ready.

Usage examples for fix

  1. Fix you out this time!" – The Desire of the Moth; and The Come On by Eugene Manlove Rhodes
  2. I must go to New York from Kidd's Pines to- morrow morning, and fix this business up. – The Lightning Conductor Discovers America by C. N. (Charles Norris) Williamson and A. M. (Alice Muriel) Williamson
  3. I'll fix it for you some time. – Gaslight Sonatas by Fannie Hurst