Synonyms for Corrupt:


abandoned (adjective)
adulterated, rotten (adjective)
putrid, distorted, decayed.
all (adjective)
bribable (adjective)
debased, vicious (adjective)
degenerate, villainous, perverse, low, miscreant, evil, depraved, flagitious.
deformed (adjective)
deformed, irregular, asymmetrical, contorted, misshapen, flawed, crooked, distorted, disfigured, perverse, cockeyed, bent, freakish, lopsided, awry.
deteriorated (adjective)
degenerate, putrefied, decayed, Deteriorated, dilapidated, atrophied, downgraded, retrogressed, Declined.
dishonest (adjective)
hypocritical, deceitful, reprobate, unscrupulous, praetorian, dishonorable, nefarious, insincere, treacherous, fraudulent, crooked, double-faced, shady, tainted, turncoat, mercenary, unprincipled, devious, iniquitous, cheating, Prevaricating, unethical, bribable, dishonest, rotten, immoral, venal, untrustworthy, debauched, fixed, base, bent, felonious, underhanded, traitorous, Deceiving, extortionate, crafty.
guilty (adjective)
guilty, Incriminated, red-handed, culpable, Impeachable, blameworthy, implicated.
secret (adjective)
untruthful (adjective)
wicked (adjective)
felonious, bad, indecent, Misdoing, debased, depraved, reprehensible, debauched, wicked, base, criminal, evildoing, improper, lawbreaking, damnable, degenerate, sinister, sinful, scandalous, immoral, iniquitous, shocking, sadistic, blameworthy, villainous, obnoxious, perverse, wrongdoing, black.


deliver, mercenary, abort, crash, unethical, extortionate, decode, emulate, display, Bought, close, buffer, fixed, shady, boot. self, compatible, clickable, active, bursty, backward-compatible, case-sensitive, best-of-breed, Antivirus, asynchronous, compatibility. cunning, unprincipled, untruthful, dubious. enter, implant, motivate, predispose, influence, hold sway, throw back on, incline, mold, condition. corrupt (noun)
dirty, immoral, debased, underhanded, depraved, deprave, dishonest, venal, demoralize, bribable, pervert, profane, bribe, pretorian, sordid, misdirect, sold-out, cloud, debauch, praetorian, reprobate, sully, corrupted, purchasable, underhand, vitiate, spoil, demoralise, sneaky, putrid, rotten, buy, perverse, imperfect, subvert, taint, debase, corruptible, vitiated, perverted, defile, unscrupulous, crooked, augean, tainted.
depraved (noun)
nefarious, low, evil.
inaccurate (noun)
defective, misleading, unreliable, fallacious, wrong.


contaminate (verb)
tamper with, doctor, contaminate.
deform (verb)
bend, crook, disfigure, contort, mangle.
misteach (verb)
deceive, Misteach, Miseducate, mislead, misrepresent, misadvise, falsify, misinform.
pervert (verb)
demoralize, seduce, abase, deform, vitiate, distort, degrade, desecrate, deprave, warp, debauch, debase, pervert, twist, adulterate.
pervert; pollute (verb)
debauch, bribe, damage, harm, disfigure, demoralize, degrade, deform, subvert, hurt, injure, warp, taint, deprave, defile, abase, spoil, vitiate, contaminate, debase, adulterate.
social (verb)
debauch, demoralize, profane, subvert, misdirect, demoralise, vitiate, deprave, pervert, debase.

Other synonyms:

decode, emulate, buffer, flagitious, deliver, boot, unprincipled, untruthful, evil. abort, miscreant, mercenary, display, dubious, crash, close, cunning. unhealthy. low. bribe
tamper with.
Other relevant words:
defile, rotten, unprincipled, vitiated, taint, evil, wrong, spoil, tainted, corrupted.

Usage examples for corrupt

  1. I dare say he'd corrupt a public official." – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  2. The passage is corrupt and possibly out of its place. – The Polity of the Athenians and the Lacedaemonians by Xenophon