Synonyms for Peril:


stakes, fear, gambling. adversity (noun)
burden, agony, adversity, hard times, torment, disaster, affliction, blight, catastrophe, hard luck, misery, grief, misadventure, bane, dolor, ordeal, rainy day, contretemps, infliction, casualty, bad luck, curse, destitution, poverty, calamity, distress, poorness, difficulty, mishap, tragedy, woe, hardship, trouble, misfortune, tribulation, trial.
danger (noun)
Imperilment, study at danger.
danger, risk (noun)
menace, hazard, jeopardy.
peril (noun)
endanger, expose, risk, imperil, jeopardise, hazard, danger, scupper, jeopardize, jeopardy, riskiness, threaten, menace.

Other synonyms:

Imperilment. fear, gambling. endanger
Other relevant words:
endanger, menace, jeopardise, imperil, stakes, risk, Imperilment, jeopardize, scupper, danger, riskiness, hazard, threaten, gambling, jeopardy, fear, expose.

Usage examples for peril

  1. Yet the awe of that solemn ravine, which they had reached after such peril enthralled them still and I think both felt as if somehow their love had been consecrated by a divine being. – The Passionate Elopement by Compton Mackenzie
  2. The business interests refuse to see their peril – The Plum Tree by David Graham Phillips