Synonyms for Scattered:


dispersed (adjective)
dissipated, Disbanded, broken up, dispersed, Disseminated, distributed.
littered (adjective)
scattered (adjective)
evanescent, Disintegrated, Refracted, diffuse, dislocated, Diffractive, separated, dispersed, disjoint, distributed, Radiated, disorderly, detached, divergent, disconnected.
spotty (adjective)
sporadic, widespread, strewn, isolated.
spread (adjective)
dispersed, separated, Disseminated, diffuse, Strewed, separate, disorganized, sown, sowed, diffused, distributed, sprinkled, rambling, disorderly.
spread out (adjective)


far-flung, nationwide, worldwide, countrywide, ubiquitous, generalized. locally, at intervals, in places, localized, in patches, patchy. scattered (noun)
disordered, disjointed, confused, isolated, unconnected, illogical, garbled, strewn, sporadic, stray, disconnected, incoherent, distributed.
spread (noun)
widespread, Strewed, rambling, sowed, all over the place, sprinkled, strung-out, separate, sown, spread abroad, shaken out.


deranged (verb)
disorganized, Hashed, fermented, jumbled, Rummaged, ruffled, blurred, Meddled, Tossed, dislocated, Displaced, troubled, mislaid, disheveled, agitated, roughened, deranged, Tumbled, Whipped, confused, perturbed, rippled, Tampered, botched, misplaced, Churned, roiled, disturbed, Mussed, cluttered, Swirled, tousled, disarranged, discomposed, mixed up muddled, scrambled, disordered, Whisked, Messed, confounded, Convulsed, Capsized, rumpled, upset.
disordered (verb)
disordered, disorganized, disarranged, cluttered, confused.
dispersed (verb)
dissipated, Disseminated, broke up, dispersed, broken up, Disbanded, dispensed, distributed.
scattered (verb)
evaporated, Disintegrated, Evanesced, detached, Radiated, Disbursed, dissolved, Diverged, Refracted, diffused, separated, Doled, Diffracted, disconnected.

Other synonyms:

localized, ubiquitous, worldwide, countrywide, widespread, nationwide. generalized, rambling, locally, far-flung. patchy.

Usage examples for scattered

  1. Why, if once they are scattered I shall never find them again. – The Mahatma and the Hare by H. Rider Haggard
  2. He glanced at the provisions scattered about. – Blake's Burden by Harold Bindloss
  3. Slatter was among the group of men; Dan'l scattered them, angrily, and drove them forward. – The Sea Bride by Ben Ames Williams