Synonyms for Brush:


extract, sweep away, get out, tap, clear, dislodge, weed out, remove, take off, flush out, take. crisis, emergency, minefield, havoc, escapade, threat, battle, adventure, precipice, fight, a disaster waiting to happen, scrap, danger. acrylic, insult, slight, enamel, airbrush, cut, rudeness, crepe paper, chalk, canvas, crayon, fixative, easel, rebuff. controversy, a war of words, flick, conflict, quarrel, misunderstanding, dispute, argument, disagreement. beard, exoskeleton, dander, armour, down, dewlap, coat, armor, camouflage. balsa, deal, ash, beech, cedar, birch, chestnut, cherry. clean up, pick up after, clean out, clear out, straighten up, sort out, pick up, tidy. grasp, handling, clutch, hold, pat, grip. forest, swamp, orchard, clearing, scrubland, rain forest, jungle, chaparral, glade. polish, purification, treatment, detoxification. douse, drown, deluge, inundate, mist, dowse. handle, pluck, gather up. battle (noun)
brush (noun)
clash, light touch, thicket, brushing, skirmish, brushwood, coppice, encounter, sweep, copse.
brush off (noun)
rebuff, slight.
bush (noun)
forest, scrubland, chaparral.
fight (noun)
conflict, touch, clash, encounter, scrap, rub, tap, skirmish.
group (noun)
coppice, copse, thicket, brushwood.
scrappy bushes (noun)
coppice, hedge, undergrowth, brushwood, shrubbery, chaparral, copse, grove, thicket, cover.
thicket (noun)
underbrush (noun)
shrubbery, brake, hedge, undergrowth, cover, grove, bush.


clean, prepare by whisking (verb)
touch (verb)
finger, kiss, ply, feel, touch, contact, paw, palm, rub, palpate, graze, twiddle, skim, caress, manipulate.
touch lightly (verb)
skim, caress, kiss, sweep, flick, graze, contact.

Other synonyms:

birch, flick, chaparral, cedar, airbrush, chalk, crayon, fixative, clearing, dewlap, pick up after, crepe paper, dowse, gather up, shrubbery, battle, exoskeleton, fight, dander, beech, balsa, cherry, glade, armour, easel, scrubland. detoxification, straighten up, enamel, canvas, purification, inundate, drown, ash, douse. camouflage, tidy, acrylic, chestnut, clear out, clean out, deal, coat. clutch, handling, jungle, armor. pat, mist, swamp, treatment, clean up. pluck, polish, sort out, grasp. grip. tap. down. pick up. hold. clean
straighten up.
palm, palpate, graze.
Other relevant words:
chalk, dowse, dander, argument, cedar, beard, chestnut, polish, canvas, clutch, skirmish, coppice, handle, copse, clash, easel, undergrowth, acrylic, ash, dispute, chaparral, mist, conflict, fixative, dewlap, grove, disagreement, flick, brushing, hedge, cherry, purification, armor, coat, exoskeleton, enamel, clear, sweep, light touch, rebuff, scrap, fight, bush, battle, encounter, tidy, tap, crayon, scrubland, slight, thicket, cover, brushwood, sweep away, shrubbery, grasp, quarrel, jungle, brake, down, pat, grip, detoxification, controversy, forest, cut, airbrush.

Usage examples for brush

  1. If you wouldn't mind putting it on the dressing- table under my brush it will be quite safe till morning. – The Simpkins Plot by George A. Birmingham
  2. The yard will have to be cleared of brush that's all. – The Reign of Law A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields by James Lane Allen