Synonyms for Remnant:


residual (adjective)
remaining, vestigial, sedimentary, leftover, residual, surplus, residuary.


relic, section, subdivision, unit, substructure, bit, detail, segment. portion, swatch, strip, part, bolt, shred, piece, width, swathe. Leavings. leftover part (noun)
shred, residual, strip, residue, vestige, dross, bit, scrap, surplus, piece, part, remainder, Leavings, portion, dregs, leftovers, end.
relic (noun)
artifact, relic.
remains (noun)
remnant (noun)
leftover, end, scrap, oddment, remainder.
residue (noun)
dross, leftovers, slag, vestige, detritus, precipitate, afterglow, Filings, artifact, chaff, sawdust, remainder, sediment, afterimage, scum, residue, grounds, dregs, debris.
waste (noun)
refuse, waste, rubbish, Dejecta, decay, junk, effluent, garbage, slop, offal, despoilment, leakage.

Other synonyms:

swatch, swathe. width, Leavings. bolt. part
Other relevant words:
piece, oddment, portion, width, end, swatch, scrap, shred, part, swathe, Leavings, bit, strip, relic.

Usage examples for remnant

  1. The " needfire," which has been witnessed by many people who are not yet old, was probably the last remnant of fire- worship in this country. – Bygone Cumberland and Westmorland by Daniel Scott
  2. Well she knew, that with even that slight veil between her and the outer world, the last remnant of self- command would go. – The Gold of Chickaree by Susan Warner