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darken (verb)

darken, cloud, obscure, blacken, shade.

dim (verb)

fog, darken, shade, eclipse, cloud, obscure.

Other synonyms:

sink, darksome, blindfold, fatal, etched, application, shadowed, ho-hum, subdued, pitch-dark, involved, mordant, beta version, difficult, low-keyed, study at dark, weak, darkish, blackened, there is no question of something, unlit, slow-witted, alpha version, calamitous, dusk, fuzzy, invisible, erode, weak-minded, ignominious, lunkheaded, irksome, stark, unsmart, souse, obscured, bootleg, undetermined, confused, opprobrious, smuggled, darken, inconceivable, weaken, accounting package, desolate, contraband, incomprehensible, bleak, dark, muddy, dunderheaded, dorky, undistinct, disastrous, plunge, empty-headed, insipid, imperceptible, chuckleheaded, address book, blind, hushed, darkling, catchy, douse, opaque, dunk, grim, idiotic, wan, tedious, you'll be lucky, obtuse, glaze over, soft, duck, half-witted, tiresome, inconspicuous, indefinite, slur, light, dense, faint-hearted, boneheaded, wearisome, blear, misty, shadowy, slow, swart, lusterless, cut out, gauzy, swooning, shrivel, mysterious, pitchy, timid, obnubilate, improbable, bonehead, mat, tenebrific, dopey, remote, lightheaded, elusive, birdbrained, subside, backup utility, raw, smutty, mute, tenebrous, application software, pale, wraithlike, muted, dip, fainthearted, witless, disgraceful, sinister, heavy, unlikely, hopeless, thudding, indistinct, speechless, dim-witted, lackluster, fatuous, bubbleheaded, silent, simple-minded, dull, colors, dimly, blurry, reduce, automatic recovery program, obstruct, leaden, dumb, brainless, smutch, softheaded, blur, brain-dead, quiet, senseless, confusing, drab, feeble, inglorious, confuse, unintelligent, long odds, nebulous, lamebrain, dilute, bare, thick, pinheaded, wispy, elaborate, lessen, shameful, airheaded, mindless, smear, smudge, boring, rayless, sable, doubtful, caliginous, dulled, impenetrable, subtle, barren, knuckleheaded, simple, unclear, faint, clear, purblind, vague, flat, commemorative, undefined, moderate, oafish, shadow, black-market, softened, deadening, muffled, complicated, pitch-black, chip away, conscious, dimmed, film over, I don't suppose, light-headed, vacuous, gormless, autoresponder, thickheaded, complex, cutting, intricate, blurred, low-beam, fateful, ill-defined, black, indistinguishable, silly, extinguish, authoring software, block out, contorted, stupid, wisplike, stygian, low-key.

Examples of usage:

Then we saw a dim light. - "In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875.", L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone.

" Eh, Dearie," cried the good woman, " what have they been doing to ye, so to dim your bright youth, and to bring the sad lines to your mouth?" - "Down the Mother Lode", Vivia Hemphill.

When the lights are dim and low, And the quiet shadows falling Softly come and softly go. - "The-Darrow-Enigma", Severy, Melvin Linwood.

Similar words:

dim-sighted, dim-witted, dim-sightedness, dims, dime, dime novel, nickel-and-dime, turn a nice dime.

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