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Other synonyms:

come out, format, BYO, clubhouse, commit, dress, precede, order of magnitude, bus, coordinate, regulation, chamber, union, localise, sound out, Dame, law, gear up, fix up, brotherhood, cross section, bless, pronounce, place, bulk, sorority, nine, congregation, trimming, plea, confusion, indian lodge, fiat, articulate, reserve, mandate, booking, society, subspecies, bon ton, archdeacon, cooperation, localize, set up, severalise, secern, tell apart, nightclub, trim, categorization, couch, baseball club, bill, panel, appeal, coiffure, baptise, regularize, codicil, coif, articulation, smart set, setup, mark, the Archbishop of Canterbury, tier, procedure, health, injunction, sanctify, routine, orderliness, army, better, devote, shipment, rate, nightspot, claim, manicured, hostel, for, order around, gild, hallow, article, edict, disposition, hostelry, description, modulate, demand, drift, sight, enact, rear, beg, tack together, words, entrap, holy order, instruction, procession, rove, put together, ritual, rules of order, cleric, call for, monastic order, federation, wander, rubric, purchase order, context, over, fellowship, command, like, condition, range, tramp, state, contract, push around, streak, direction, adherence, management, estate, suite, repair, archbishopric, set out, severalize, parliamentary law, lay out, put in, coiffe, check, disposal, post, celebrate, word, effect, hunting lodge, cosmos, rewrite, prescribe, course, ramble, adaptation, anthem, high society, hierarchy, summons, nick, launch, league, bond, entreaty, kidney, gentry, acquit, confederation, status, effectuate, target, lot, affidavit, allege, round, assure, social club, cult, uncluttered, knight, determine, criminal record, buying, read, heap, shipshape, site, instal, commission, chronology, canon, ordination, application, identify, auberge, train, abbot, piece, run, index, compliance, pasture, injunction, grouping, tax with, dub, ready, just so, show, ordinate, circumstance, award, genre, standardizing, complaisance, solicitation, arrange, computation, direction, enounce, decree, govern, legalism, systematization, rite, conveyance, division, obedience, directive, call down, insist on something, collection, cabaret, medallion, lodge, golf-club, tell, coreligionist, ordain, column, baptism, pile, inn, flash mobbing, invite, vow, ranging, arabesque, pose, fraternity, give-and-take, brethren, value, generic, tradition, revise, bracket, assemble, formation, ordering, institution, rig, council, raise, pattern, night club, purchase, order of battle, regulate, do, assign, companionship, state of affairs, succession, bring in a verdict, requisition, parade, distinguish, enjoin, station, establishment, graze, invest, vagabond, stratum, lay, narrate, well-kept, layout, brief, bishop, consortium, stage, disarray, dedicate, folk, keeping, booth, amount, deployment, regularise, revisal, quantity, consecution, ordered, commandment, outrank, install, congress, background, reservation, coloration, browse, rescript, covenant, conditions, consecrate, engagement, revision, require, plead, climate, ask for, requirement, line of battle, neat, say, MBE, placement, the Book of Common Prayer, cellar, straddle, support group, environment, all-you-can-eat, charge, abbess, redact, erect, request, catechism, crop, bar, argyle, police, instruct, distribution, organized, ascetic, roam, kilter, differentiate, configuration, enunciate, board, put, institute, lineup, event, observation, come in, scale, bidding, situation, Baha'i, tack, roll, sodality, by the authority of, stray, locate, prohibition, association, battle array, pitch, custom, citation, put up, animism, under the command of, guild, knighthood, fettle, evidence, bishopric, annul, ball club, ordinance, benediction, manner, aim, give, assortment, rank, brown-bag, college, parliamentary procedure, mandate, club, point, layer, dictate, grade, orderly, recount, acquittal, flash mob, boss around, beau monde, ensnare, amen, aver, magnitude, company, secernate, exhibition, imperative, systemization, nature, progression, bill of fare, suppose, send, baffle, estate, recite, behest, integrity, found, baptize, archbishop, instruction, influence, brother, methodicalness, observance, cardinal, sect, fitness, clause, swan.

Examples of usage:

Otherwise in good order. - "A Catalogue of Early Pennsylvania and Other Firearms and Edged Weapons at "Restless Oaks"", Henry W. Shoemaker.

She and your governess don't know how to keep you in order. - "Jill's Red Bag", Amy Le Feuvre.

But Joe was certain that a wedding present was in order. - "The Lost Wagon", James Arthur Kjelgaard.

Similar words:

temporal order, tall order, stop order, postal order, religious order, purchase order, rules of order, stop-loss order, rank-order correlation, rank-order correlation coefficient.

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