Synonyms for Mop:


bleed, dry off, express, draw off, aspirate. hoover, buffer, dishwasher, carpet sweeper, Brillo pad, cleaner, feather duster, kitchen paper, broom. alopecia, curl, highlights, crowning glory, fuzz, hair, bristle, frizz, hairline, forelock. hose down, wash off, flush out, swill. artifact (noun)
swob, swab.
broom (noun)
feather duster, sweeper.
mop (noun)
mow, wipe up, pout, swob, mop up, swab.
swab (noun)
rag, floor, sweeper, wet, dish, duster, surgical gun swab, soldering.
tangle of material, often used to (noun)
sweeper, swab.


body (verb)
pout, mow.
clean by using water and cloth (verb)
contact (verb)
wipe up, mop up.
dry (verb)
desiccate, empty, stanch, pump out, dehydrate, parch, catheterize, evaporate, wither, swab, blot, drain, suck dry, dehumidify, wipe, wring out, dry, vaporize.

Other synonyms:

hoover, feather duster, wash off, carpet sweeper, Brillo pad, kitchen paper, draw off. cleaner, sweeper, dishwasher, aspirate, hose down, flush out, bleed. swill. express. buffer. clean
Other relevant words:
buffer, broom, duster, fuzz, dishwasher, express, hairline, flush out, mop up, hair, highlights, bristle, swob, floor, alopecia, mow, curl, swill, rag, dish, hoover, wipe up, pout, sweeper, bleed, cleaner, soldering, aspirate, forelock, frizz, wet.

Usage examples for mop

  1. There were plenty of shows at the mop and the Cheap Jack's wife saw them all. – Jan of the Windmill by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  2. But, to go on properly with my yarn from the beginning, when I found Sam's head wasn't a mop but belonged to his real darkey self, and that he wasn't drownded after all, why, I made him as snug as I could down below, thinking it were best for him to keep hid, for if the skipper saw him on dock and knew he were alive he would soon be shooting him again, or else ill- treating him in the way he had already done. – The Island Treasure by John Conroy Hutcheson
  3. He ceased to wield a mop as Hoddan halted before him. – The Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster