Synonyms for Honor:


eulogize, compliment, flatter, sing someone's/something's praises, pat someone on the back, congratulate, pay someone a compliment. exaltation, championship, Nobel Prize, glittering prize, renown, commendation, consolation prize. realization, a feather in your cap, the fruit/fruits of something, attainment, bring honor to, feat, handiwork, please, achievement, accomplishment, honorv, summit, conquest. meet, Honorable Sir, keep your word, fulfill, stick to, judge, lordship, majesty, deliver, come through, hold to, remember, governor. modesty, propriety, obeisance. street cred, self-respecting, self-worth, stock, stature, account, appreciation, consideration, self-respect, cred, favor, estimation. virginal, good report, dignity, good name, virginity, reputation, repute, maidenhead, status, prestige. distinction, laurel, kudos. honorableness, integrity, honest, incorruptibility. attribute (noun)
celebration (noun)
glee, holiday, carousal, convocation, festivity, ovation, merry-making, revelry, commemoration, commencement, jubilee, glorification, remembrance, inauguration, ritual, memorialization, acclamation, celebration, observance, joy, ceremony, feast, exultation, elation, proclamation, rejoicing, jubilation, spree.
glory (noun)
Fame, greatness.
honor (noun)
honour, accolade, award, observe, respect, purity, reward, laurels, abide by.
integrity (noun)
morality, truthfulness, virtue, decency, purity, goodness, honesty, modesty, courage, character, righteousness, probity, fairness.
justice (noun)
lawfulness, equity, right, fair play, Equability, justice, even-handedness.
nobility (noun)
praise (noun)
kudos, compliment.
praise, award (noun)
kudos, respect, acclaim, regard, laurels, compliment, decoration, accolade, favor, commendation.
pride (noun)
purity (noun)
reputation (noun)
respect (noun)
adulation, deference, respect, distinction, elevation, worship, repute, glorification, celebration, adoration, laud, admiration, rank, greatness, attention, faith, reputation, glory, prestige, praise, consideration, approbation, recognition, laurel, exaltation, obeisance, renown, Fame, homage, aggrandizement, esteem, reverence, tribute, wreath, apotheosis, fealty, account, trust, confidence, regard, dignity, veneration, credit.
respectability (noun)
trueness, goodness, right-mindedness, virtuousness, irreproachability, creditability, blamelessness, forthrightness, fairness, righteousness, nobility, angelicness, respectability, purity, Estimableness, upstandingness, morality, unimpeachability, worthiness, saintliness, probity, law-abidingness, honesty.
salutation (noun)
self-esteem (noun)
title (noun)
decoration, crown, crest, garland, place, seniority, coronet, shield, grace, position, role, rank, title, bestowal, chevron, highness, colors.
virtue (noun)
merit, whiteness, faultlessness, ethics, valor, guiltlessness, heroism, high-mindedness, decency, cleanness, virtue, pureness, good.


celebrate (verb)
hail, hallow, inaugurate, proclaim, observe, acclaim, make merry, celebrate, party, jubilate, trumpet, glorify, carouse, enjoy, salute, frolic, exult, revel, rejoice, commemorate, venerate, cheer, fete, memorialize, solemnize, laud, praise.
possession (verb)
pride (verb)
boast, pride, glory.
recognize, treat with respect (verb)
glorify, celebrate, commemorate, observe, admire, venerate, revere, hallow.
respect (verb)
admire, revere, defer.
reward (verb)
give, entice, remunerate, grant, pay, tempt, lure, sweeten, reward, treat, compensate, award, tip, induce.
social (verb)
reward, honour.

Other synonyms:

consolation prize, glittering prize, championship, good report, good name, honorableness, Nobel Prize, commendation, virginity, dignity. maidenhead, virginal, reputation, recognition, eulogize, laurel. obeisance, remember, prestige. appreciation, hold to, status. estimation, come through, character, fulfill, stick to. account. favor, consideration. distinction. deliver. meet. adoration
make merry.

Usage examples for honor

  1. End of Project Gutenberg's For the Allinson Honor by Harold Bindloss – For the Allinson Honor by Harold Bindloss
  2. I have the honor to be, Sir. – Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy
  3. He was the soul of honor – The Sisters-In-Law by Gertrude Atherton