Synonyms for Grasp:


experience, gift, take, ability, proficiency, aptitude, talent, skill. follow, common sense, brilliance, intelligence, judgment, wisdom, intuition, reason, intellect, vision, clarity. see the light, work out, have a feel for something, deduce, fall/fit into place, grab, make sense of something, get the idea. ken, fathom, greatness, monopoly, oligopoly, leadership, knowledge. accept, catch, twig, leap at the chance/opportunity/offer, make capital out of something, sense, exploit, make out, jump at, conceive, benefit, see, take in, seize an opportunity/chance, take advantage of something. tap, touch, contact, brush, handling, pat. cradle, keep hold of something, hold tight, carry. attribute (noun)
cognition (noun)
range, compass, reach.
command (noun)
commission, domination, government, coordination, will, mastery, management, authority, supremacy, control, prowess, power, sway, mandate, reign, discipline, charge, sovereignty, law, direction, command, rule.
custody (noun)
reservation, retention, custody, conservation, engagement, maintenance.
grasp (noun)
hold, comprehend, grip, apprehend, compass, clench, reach, clasp, clutch, range, dig, savvy, get the picture, clutches, hold on, appreciation.
hold, grip (noun)
clasp, grapple, clutches, clench, embrace.
power (noun)
force, might, strength, competence, potency, energy, vigor, puissance.
savvy (noun)
understanding (noun)
knowledge, ken, mastery.


command (verb)
coordinate, manage, dominate, direct, govern.
contact (verb)
hold on.
desire (verb)
hope, pine, want, wish, hunger, lust, covet, thirst, itch, long, desire, crave, yearn, fancy, need, welcome, expect, hanker.
grab (verb)
seize, take, clutch, catch, grip, hold.
grip (verb)
embrace, clutch, adhere, grip, hold, seize, have, keep, grapple, retain, clasp.
know (verb)
know, recognize, perceive, discern.
learn (verb)
discover, digest, learn, glean, understand, realize, assimilate, master, absorb, study, read, comprehend.
understand (verb)
dig, take in, know, apprehend, see, realize, accept, comprehend, compass, perceive, fathom, get the picture, have, follow.

Other synonyms:

ken, judgment, jump at. conceive, twig, fathom, exploit, grab. handling, pat. cradle, follow. benefit, contact. accept, brush. tap. see. catch. touch. take. carry. hang on
hold on.
get the idea.

Usage examples for grasp

  1. King looked at her and had the understanding to grasp something of her thought. – The Everlasting Whisper by Jackson Gregory
  2. " Only a half a dollah and a fortune in your grasp – Hoosier Mosaics by Maurice Thompson
  3. She made a quick movement as if his grasp hurt her, and in an instant she was free. – The Way of an Eagle by Ethel M. Dell