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store (verb)

archive, hoard, accumulate, cache, stockpile, store, bank, deposit.

conserve (verb)

maintain, keep, preserve, conserve, reserve.

Other synonyms:

exempt, curtail, hold on, lay by, stay fresh, keep on, aggregate, keep up, spell, provided, besides, pay off, browse, assuage, all, publish, surrender, however, moreover, relieve, cede, proceed, alleviate, outside, saving, go on, bear on, release, but, only, nevertheless, extradite, execute, pitch, block, survive, spend, celebrate, dispense with, come through, observe, hold, benediction, endanger, save on, keep open, baptism, reclaim, burn in, drive home, lay aside, store up, debit, ease, unbosom, fulfil, deep-six, set aside, have, other than, notwithstanding, desert, turn in, still, salvage, phase out, regenerate, back up, capture, deadlock, fork up, lighten, avoid, salt away, unless, action, waste, economise, allay, open, catechism, carry out, chalk something up, lay in, carry through, damn, let off, remedy, credit, baptise, compose, call down, bear, beyond, pile up, just, salve, deport, antiquarian, amass, except, outside of, free, accomplish, hold back, attack, burn, bring through, gather, that, draw, beside, the Book of Common Prayer, excuse, spare, prevent, lay down, tho, barring, call up, keep back, baptize, collector's item, with the exception of, access, write, keep (a) watch, set by, give up, condemn, yet, mortgage, watch over, antiquity, pull-through, continue, artefact, fork out, cushion, retain, stand up for, scavenge, indite, excluding, lay up, palliate, preserve, save up, collect, present, swear off, collection, husband, borrow, go along, put by, author, antique, aside from, hand over, pen, carry on, and, amen, saver, barely, set free, merely, fulfill, artifact, pay in, close, restrain, put up, drop a line, make it, collectible, liberate, apart from, exclusive of something, exclusive of, take over, collector, pull round, anthem, except for, further, ransom, skimp, give birth, lay away, help, render, bury, concede, make unnecessary, hold open, redeem, fork over, otherwise than, lessen, birth, part with, excepting.

Examples of usage:

And, besides, if we others have need of you, we have a right to save you in spite of yourself! - "Paris From the "Three Cities"", Emile Zola.

He did save me. - "Editorials-from-the-Hearst-Newspapers", Brisbane, Arthur.

I will save you." - "The Iron Woman", Margaret Deland.

Similar words:

save up, saves, saved, saver, saved up, face saver.

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