Synonyms for Assist:


get behind, guide, help out, get through, nurse. boost, nurture, get past, make for, give a leg up. all, bury, deadlock, attack, cushion, aggregate, chalk something up, concede. act (noun)
aid, help, assistance.
assist (noun)
assistance, serve, wait on, attend, aid, help, attend to.
help (noun)
assistance, benefit, support, study athelp, aid, boost.
support (noun)


aid (verb)
help, facilitate, benefit, encourage, aid, foster, fund, endow, motivate, support, sustain, serve, abet, mother, minister, attend, tend, relieve.
assist (verb)
avail, favor, succor, back, uphold.
benefit (verb)
advance, contribute, do good, better, further.
facilitate (verb)
ease, simplify, promote, expedite.
give (verb)
attribute, donate, bestow, ascribe, provide, send, submit, impart, share, grant, give, shower, disburse, furnish, assign, pay, devote, render, lavish, lend, pledge, supply, bequeath, ration, extend, allot, consign, dispense, present, expend, offer, tender, deliver, allow, award, dole.
help (verb)
relieve, further, sustain, give a leg up, facilitate, serve, back, abet, expedite.
mediate (verb)
compromise, mediate, conciliate, intercede, parley, arbitrate, negotiate, adjudicate, intervene, reconcile.
rescue (verb)
emancipate, save, rescue, extricate.
serve (verb)

Other synonyms:

get behind, get past, guide, get through. bury, cushion, make for, concede, nurture. nurse, attack. all. boost. aggregate. back
give a leg up.
Other relevant words:
assistance, bury, concede, wait on, boost, all, give a leg up, cushion, nurture, deadlock, aggregate, attack, help out, nurse, attend to, guide.

Usage examples for assist

  1. They are the sort to assist in any deed of blood. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid
  2. But how to assist those above was the difficulty. – Mr. Midshipman Easy by Captain Frederick Marryat