Synonyms for Reply:


pounce, receive, stand up, turn around and do something, come over, pick up on, greet. ask, answer back, write back, talk back, rejoin. interplay, reflex, cry, welcome, outburst, outcry. answer (noun)
excuse, comeback, counter-accusation, acknowledgment, surrebuttal, explanation, replication, reaction, rebuttal, riposte, response, counter-statement, rejoinder.
communication (noun)
correspondence (noun)
letter, line, message, postcard, correspondence, note, epistle.
defense (noun)
aversion, armor, stronghold, argument, security, barrier, moat, countermeasure, fortress, resistance, protection, wall, harbor.
letter (noun)
reply (noun)
answer, respond, response.
response (noun)
denial, reaction, defense, refutation, justification, objection.
written communication (noun)


answer (verb)
come back, countercharge, counter-accuse, expound, retort, answer, respond, explain, riposte, return, react, rejoin, counter-reply, counter-state, counterclaim, rebut, counter, acknowledge, write back, echo.
correspond (verb)
correspond, dispatch, post.
defend (verb)
buffer, sustain, barricade, oppose, resist, screen, protect, shelter, support, fend, backfire, avert, cover, secure, safeguard, shield, guard, ward, police, save, argue, uphold, counterattack, bar.
respond (verb)
deny, react, defend, refute, justify, object.

Other synonyms:

interplay, answer back, write back, talk back, outcry. rejoin, reflex. cry. welcome.

Usage examples for reply

  1. Mrs. Rossiter made no reply – Fortitude by Hugh Walpole
  2. Meeker started to reply but Buck gave him no chance. – Hopalong Cassidy by Clarence E. Mulford
  3. Gwen made no reply – Princess Polly At Play by Amy Brooks