Synonyms for Notify:


convey, leave word, cable, clue in, acquaint, broadcast, assert, express, telephone, divulge, address, bring forward, write, render, enlighten, pronounce, mention, disseminate, wire, issue, teach, fill in, disclose, air, radio, blazon, hip, vent, wise up. hint. educate, knowledge. notify (noun)
give notice, apprize, advise, apprise, send word.


advise (verb)
brief, caution, recommend, admonish, counsel, direct, encourage, advocate, confer, cue, inform, warn, prompt, suggest, guide, instruct, consult, advise.
indicate (verb)
brand, mark, label, denote, indicate, wave, point out, designate, nod, stamp, flag, signal, betoken, ticket, point, alert, symbolize, beckon, wink, note, nudge, gesticulate, gesture, shrug, tag, motion.
inform (verb)
caution, telephone, divulge, convey, warn, acquaint, teach, disclose, send word, vent, disseminate, wise up, blazon, clue in, brief, write, mention, cable, enlighten, express, hint, alert, assert, apprise, advise, broadcast, wire, fill in, cue, suggest, radio, air.

Other synonyms:

clue in, enlighten, leave word, pronounce, issue, acquaint, bring forward. educate, convey, render. fill in. address. advise
clue in.
Other relevant words:
convey, blazon, acquaint, wise up, divulge, vent, give notice, broadcast, render, disseminate, disclose, express, hint, address, air, radio, educate, assert, enlighten, apprise, clue in, teach, mention, telephone, send word, leave word, write, cable, apprize, wire.

Usage examples for notify

  1. " I could notify the police if Jerry isn't back within an hour or two," Mr. Parker said slowly. – Danger at the Drawbridge by Mildred A. Wirt
  2. Then they sent a puncher to Antelope to notify the sheriff. – Sundown Slim by Henry Hubert Knibbs