Synonyms for Sore:


angry (adjective)
irritable, huffy, splenetic.
angry; hurt mentally (adjective)
resentful, vexed, stung, indignant, upset, annoyed.
painful (adjective)
grievous, cutting, trying, acute, severe, miserable, nagging, grueling, stinging, burdensome, arduous, aching, distressful, painful, harrowing, crushing, throbbing, cruel, disagreeable, chafing, unpleasant, Irksome, horrendous, annoying, oppressive, irritating, stabbing, uncomfortable, Besetting, hurtful, excruciating, unbearable, bothersome, Cramping, tormenting, odious, woeful, Torturing., aggravating, offensive, smarting, inflaming, wrenching, biting, anguishing, Gnawing, withering, piercing, agonizing, troublesome, afflictive, bitter, insufferable.
resentful (adjective)
infuriated, irritated, resentful, embittered, hurt, stung, offended, splenetic, malevolent, miffed, Huffed, bitter, discontent, envious, Piqued, galled, vexed, spiteful, acerbic, vindictive, antagonistic, Spleenful.
severe (adjective)


black eye, bedsore, blackhead, athlete's foot, boil, abscess. bad, burning, chapped, crippling, achy, agonising, nagging, chronic. grave, rigorous, profound, feelings, serious, dire, desperate, indignant, extreme, choleric. cross, annoyed, fed up, belligerent, displeased, put out, upset. angry (noun)
angry, offended, irritated, hurt, resentful.
blemish (noun)
distortion, disfigurement, mark, defect, blister, speck, fault, stigma, slit, nick, deformity, notch, scab, kink, gash, blotch, drawback, scuff, blot, stain, lesion, freckle, eyesore, mar, damage, imperfection, hack, fleck, brand, impurity, pockmark, tarnish, dot, blemish, fracture, chip, wart, hurt, check, splotch, spoilage, abrasion, scratch, rift, spot, scar, discoloration, scrape, weal, defacement, flaw, score.
pain (noun)
pang, agony, anguish, discomfort, torment, cramp, throe, injury, inflammation, torture, headache, bruise, bite, rack, burn, wrench, suffering, misery, chafing, stitch, pain, grief, smarting, spasm, irritation, wound, stab, painfulness, Back Ache, throb, distress, crick, earache, infliction, malaise, ache, Migraine, gripe, affliction, sting.
tender (noun)
burned, irritable, inflamed, distressing, vexatious.


pain (verb)
chafe, afflict, irritate, agonize, inflame, smart, suffer.

Other synonyms:

achy, nagging. indignant. choleric. congested

Usage examples for sore

  1. Louely Lady I long full sore to heare, If ye remaine the same, I left you last yeare. – The Arte of English Poesie by George Puttenham