Synonyms for Flavor:


ideal, faith, concept, principle, flavoring, thought, theory, wallop, philosophy, commitment, idea. draftsmanship, cherub, character, essence, commission, homage, format, legend, effect, aesthetic, composition. aftertaste, Sapor, texture, bite, body. atmosphere, nature, factor, component, facet. blanch, bake, beat, butcher, carve, seasoning, spice, seasoner, butchery, butter, bone, condiment, chill, blend. air (noun)
aura, essence (noun)
feel, character, tone, stamp, property, feeling, quality.
flavor (noun)
savor, look, tone, smack, goodness, season, saltiness, relish, smell, savour, savoriness, feeling, delectability, toothsomeness, spirit, deliciousness, taste, spiciness, sourness, pepperiness, sapidity, feel, flavour.
odor (noun)
odor and taste (noun)
seasoning, saltiness, relish, sourness, sapidity, wallop, spiciness, Sapor, smack, essence, savor.
specialty (noun)
difference, hallmark, forte, feature, characteristic, quality, idiosyncrasy, keynote, specialization, particularity, property, Discriminant, mannerism, peculiarity, stamp, mark, individuality, cachet, quirk, definiteness, way, specialty, figure, trait.
state (noun)
feeling, feel, tone, spirit, look, flavour, smell.
tang (noun)


add seasoning (verb)
spice, season.
perception (verb)
season, flavour.

Other synonyms:

bite, texture, aftertaste, flavoring, composition, Sapor, draftsmanship, seasoner. cherub, condiment, spice, legend, seasoning. homage, effect. aesthetic, commission, format. body. atmosphere. Other relevant words:
character, tone, look, feel, seasoner, condiment, spirit, feeling, relish, bite, flavour, savour, wallop, body, Sapor, atmosphere, season, smell, savor, smack, sapidity, nature, seasoning, effect, essence, flavoring, spice, aftertaste.

Usage examples for flavor

  1. The old house is now comfortably settled on its new site and like most transplanted things will thrive better if some faint flavor of its old surroundings is present, such as an apple orchard or one or two fine old trees that look as if they and the house had grown old together. – If You're Going to Live in the Country by Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley
  2. The fact that several persons knew his secret had spoiled the fine flavor of perfect security hitherto marking his position. – The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chesnutt
  3. There was a native grape- vine close by, blue with its less refined abundance, but my cunning thieves preferred the foreign flavor – The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886 by Ministry of Education