Synonyms for Stick out:


jab, push, heave, jar, shoulder, shove, thrust, strain, prod, thrust aside. follow through, continue, persevere, carry on, go on, press ahead, keep on, stay the course, get on. live dangerously, dare, risk, chance, hazard, run the risk (of something), jeopardize, throw/cast caution to the wind(s), gamble. differ, distinguish, disagree, collide, differentiate, vary, be nothing like, contrast. jut (noun)
show, come through.
sticking out (noun)
prominent, bulging, stick up, protuberant.
stick out (noun)
jut out, jump, jut, stand out, jump out, project, poke out, extend, protrude, leap out, reach out.


bulge (verb)
jut, push, protrude, come through, project, show, stand out, extend.

Other synonyms:

differ, disagree, differentiate. collide, vary, distinguish. contrast. bulge
sticking out
prominent, bulging, stick up, thrust, protuberant.
Other relevant words:
continue, push, persevere, carry on, keep on, show, stick up, come through.