Synonyms for Extend:


incorporate, build in, involve, take in, add-on, include, count in. fan, add to, unroll, step up, Outstretch, double, go through the roof. voice, display, show, make no secret of something, manifest, give away, express yourself, surrender, produce, Prolongate, long, spin. erect, throw up, go up, change, construct, put together, set up, assemble, vary. build, bear the cost/expense etc., wax, aggrandize, pay out, snowball, build up, proliferate, rise, upsurge, run up, escalate, invest in, mount, beef up, soar, finance. go back, clock in at, last out, span. hold over, drag out, perpetuate, spin out, prolongation, eke out, string out. extend (noun)
go, cover, hold out, carry, put out, unfold, pass, stretch, poke out, gallop, stick out, run, offer, lead, widen, stretch out, strain, broaden, stretch forth, reach out.


change (verb)
widen, broaden.
extend (verb)
give (verb)
devote, provide, furnish, ascribe, help, assign, donate, lend, send, disburse, pledge, attribute, contribute, dole, consign, pay, serve, allot, deliver, share, bequeath, dispense, lavish, fund, supply, award, assist, shower, allow, ration, expend.
offer (verb)
allot, offer, bid, hold out, stretch out, attempt, render, advance, donate, endow, quote, submit, award, cite, present, tender, issue, reach out, bestow, grant, deal, impart, give, invite, approach.
possession (verb)
stative (verb)
go, run, lead, pass.

Other synonyms:

upsurge, branch off, truncate, clock in at, Prolongate, put together, erect, bifurcate. escalate, build in, last out, Outstretch, assemble, construct, snowball, spin, throw up, wax, aggrandize, diverge, add-on, vary. pay out, afford, proliferate, telescope, soar, fan, unroll. ascend, divide, bend, mount, set up, go back. go up, connect. rise. span, kick, build. renew, produce. wave. bulge
stick out.
draw out
string out.
branch off, drag out.
snowball, boost.
open up
spread out

Usage examples for extend

  1. How far the water might extend over the country I could not tell, probably for miles and miles. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. I walked fast; but the flagstones seemed to extend under my feet, and each carriage that whirled along, might be bearing Edward away. – Ellen Middleton--A Tale by Georgiana Fullerton