Synonyms for Oppose:


attack, strike back, contest, have/have got against, combat, stand against, tear up, assail, turn against, battle, bombard, scrap, engage, secede, go against, act, outflank, assault, skirmish, revolt, overpower, retaliate, declare against, rebel. traverse. oppose (noun)
controvert, fight back, fight, pit, contradict, react, play off, turn the scales, defend, counterbalance, fight down, match.


compare, play off (verb)
contrast, vie, match, pit, counterbalance.
contend (verb)
confront, protest, bicker, wrestle, hassle, contend, face, clash, encounter, wrangle, struggle, brawl, quarrel, contrast, conflict, dispute, dissent, withstand, stand, antagonize, vie.
counteract (verb)
offset, Counterwork, tamper, neutralize.
disagree (verb)
collide, differ, demur, complain, repudiate, reject, object, disagree, defy, challenge.
disprove (verb)
confute, negate, disprove, contravene, subvert, refute, parry, overturn, deny, belie.
fight, obstruct (verb)
bar, disagree, gainsay, cross, controvert, attack, disapprove, debate, expose, protest, counter, check, resist, combat, counterattack, assault, argue, thwart, turn the tables, withstand, face, neutralize, defy, contradict, deny, assail, battle, hinder, dispute, bombard, encounter, fight, confront, reverse, taunt.
hinder (verb)
burden, hamper, catch, crimp, bung, handicap, impair, deter, cripple, constipate, hamstring, restrict, baffle, frustrate, choke, entrap, restrain, brake, drag, jam, bottleneck, block, snag, tangle, cramp, detain, snarl, paralyze, plug, complicate, dam, stay, constrain, mire, congest, curb, foul, fetter, stop, delay, clog, thwart, interrupt, entangle, encumber.
oppose (verb)
counteract, impede, obstruct, meddle, inhibit, repel, check, cross, interfere, repress, repulse, hinder, contradict, intercept, fight, rebuff, suppress, oppress.
resist (verb)
snub, stand firm, stand fast.
revolt (verb)
turn against.

Other synonyms:

go against, react against, declare against, disapprove. dare, stand against, gainsay, buck. contest. tear up, rebel. traverse. condemn
go against.
fight back.
dissent, demur.

Usage examples for oppose

  1. So back he turned to the castle, and when he reached land, the whole army and all the champions of the king of the Flood stood ready to oppose him. – Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland by Jeremiah Curtin
  2. His reason is that the King ought to remain on the weaker side to oppose later the advance of White's Pawns. – Chess Fundamentals by José Raúl Capablanca
  3. You must never oppose the one, nor attempt to alter the other. – The Laws of Etiquette by A Gentleman