Synonyms for Mark:


saint, the second Gospel, F, D, disciple, GPA, B, C, demerit, apostle, full marks. impress, take its toll, trace, inscribe, harm, streak, imprint, injure, emboss, blaze, underline. boil, abscess, earmark, blackhead, bedsore, athlete's foot, black eye. attack, chalk something up, deadlock, concede, assist, cushion, bury, characterize, all, aggregate, qualify. list, the color of someone's money, smoking gun, register, illustration, suggestion, pointer, proof, demonstration, chronicle, write down. asterisk, head, consider, dollar sign, hash mark, hieroglyphics, caret, checkmark, arrow, regard. highlight, underscore, evaluate, star, plot. typify, embody, enter into, price, come down to, epitomize, exemplify. indent, indentation, proclaim, marks, represent, mean, stand for, impression. bar code, docket, indicator, discount card, coupon, manifestation, food coupon, token, evidence, index, show, gift certificate, courtesy card, witness, signification, ecolabel, credit slip, food stamp, badge, symptom, indication. bruise, burnout, breakage, colophon, burn. footprint, be, skid marks, singe, smudge, bloodstain, tidemark, character, savor. circle, measure, outline, gauge, engrave, criterion, benchmark, touchstone, draw, usual, carve, test, yardstick, standard. eminence, knowledge, prominence, inaugurate, prestige, Prominency, luster, renown, parade, respect, celebrate, Fame, glory, Eminency, notability, distinction, rejoice, welcome, important, preeminence, wassail, revel, Illustriousness, celebration. cognizance, observation, heed, attention, espial, observance, pass, fail, mark down, graduate, promote, flunk. dm, franc, ducat, farthing, fr, seek, drachma, guilder, crown, groat. episode, lowlights, planned, ambition, installment, why, low point, instalment, view, meaning, the middle, juncture. gudgeon, lamb, pushover, monkey, victim, pigeon, wise, dupe. depreciate, increase, devaluate, devalue, downgrade, reduce, depress, money, cheapen, lower. attribution (noun)
ascription, accreditation, imputation, attachment, attribution, acknowledgement, citation, application, assignment.
blemish (noun)
blotch, defacement, drawback, spoilage, brand, eyesore, wart, lesion, deformity, disfigurement, fault, weal, scab, rift, imperfection, stigma, sore, discoloration, abrasion, impurity, distortion.
blemish; character (noun)
brand, blaze, imprint, streak, score, dot, spot, splotch, blot, stain, bruise, trace, check, nick, stamp, scratch, impression, label, sign, ticket, point, blotch, cross, scar, tag, register, smudge.
characteristic, symptom (noun)
attribute, note, property, hallmark, earmark, index, quality, distinction, proof, idiosyncrasy, trait, peculiarity, token, evidence, particularity, feature, character, badge, indication, marking.
cognition (noun)
score, grade.
criterion, standard (noun)
gauge, measure, yardstick.
deformity (noun)
dupe (noun)
lamb, gudgeon.
evidence (noun)
gauge (noun)
yardstick, gauge.
goal, target (noun)
bull's eye, ambition.
importance (noun)
manifestation, notability, regard, notice, standing, prestige, Fame, eminence.
indication (noun)
indicator (noun)
mark (noun)
crisscross, nock, tag, target, marker, notice, deutsche mark, differentiate, patsy, strike out, gospel according to mark, grade, bell ringer, saint mark, cross out, check off, strike off, gull, mark off, marking, stigmatize, stigma, shlemiel, bull's eye, soft touch, tick off, stigmatise, sign, deutschmark, scratch, distinguish, chump, commemorate, mug, cross off, St. Mark, note, brand, scrape, score, denounce, scar, schlemiel, check, punctuate, set, stain, fall guy, label, cross, fool.
measure (noun)
notch (noun)
rank (noun)
grade, stage, standing, scale, rank, position, degree, status, range, step, footing, station, term, state.
shame (noun)
unit of measurement (noun)
wale (noun)
written symbol (noun)


attribute (verb)
apply, ascribe, blame, attach, connect, impute, set, accredit, cite, refer, acknowledge, place, assign, attribute, cast, credit.
blemish (verb)
dot, blemish, hurt, scratch, freckle, mar, damage, discolor, stain, blister, kink, disfigure, deface, chip, slit, gash, fleck, spoil, scar, nick, taint, flaw, hack, speck, scuff, blot, abrade, notch, spot, score, pockmark, deform, scrape, check, defect, fracture, distort, tarnish, splotch.
blemish, stain (verb)
impress, inscribe, underline.
characterize (verb)
denote, individualize, mark off, indicate, exemplify, designate, betoken, qualify, distinguish, show, check off, proclaim, signify, point out.
contact (verb)
tag, label.
indicate (verb)
prompt, guide, stamp, flag, point, wink, note, indicate, gesticulate, shrug, label, beckon, alert, notify, gesture, designate, nudge, point out, symbolize, wave, signal, motion, tag, denote, betoken, ticket, cue, nod.
rank (verb)
place, scale, grade, rank, position.
see, notice (verb)
chronicle, view, write down.
specialize (verb)
individualize, define, signify, distinguish, specialize, differentiate, discriminate.

Other synonyms:

Saint Mark
saint mark.
bruise, wassail, smoking gun, colophon, low point, smudge, singe, impression, engrave, benchmark, pointer, skid marks, juncture, Prominency, bloodstain, Eminency, gudgeon, injure, suggestion, celebrate, rejoice, Illustriousness, attack, espial, observation. token, renown, indicator, victim, criterion, tidemark, notability, celebration, dupe, manifestation, carve, asterisk, underscore, indent, glory, indentation, pushover, preeminence, touchstone, prominence, illustration, characterize, imprint, flunk, pigeon, lowlights. demonstration, downgrade, inaugurate, heed, lamb, why, Fame, character, installment, yardstick, cognizance, witness, eminence, impress, index, signification. monkey, ambition, savor, prestige, proof, badge, register, meaning, plot. outline, attention, standard, observance, test, graduate, highlight. fail, streak, star, promote, luster, circle. welcome, parade. measure, show, view. draw. pass. blemish
spoil, mar.
look at
mark off
check off.
strike off.
mark down.
Other relevant words:
cross, badge, heed, symptom, mark off, evaluate, regard, punctuate, carve, sign, distinction, view, earmark, index, stigmatize, marker, gauge, imprint, marking, token, indication, character, engrave, manifestation, tick off, inscribe, notice.

Usage examples for mark

  1. I beg you to mark the result. – A Letter to the Hon. Samuel Eliot, Representative in Congress From the City of Boston, In Reply to His Apology For Voting For the Fugitive Slave Bill. by Hancock
  2. Mark it on this plan. – Ethel Morton's Enterprise by Mabell S.C. Smith