Synonyms for Alter:


reconstruct, remodel, make into, turn into, reverse. go into, sterilize, become, geld, change into, tend. sew, let out, pin up, develop, take in, decay, mend, study at, embroider, turn up, stitch, tack. dismember, circumcise, excise, amputate, unsex, disembowel, eviscerate, rich, decapitate, reproduction. alter (noun)
castrate, neuter, spay, interpolate, falsify, change, vary.


change (verb)
mutate, transit, vacillate, adjust, set, transform, reform, transpose, amend, revise, reconstruct, modify, vary, modulate, fluctuate, convert, remodel, adapt, transfigure, diversify, change, deviate, develop.

Other synonyms:

let out, eviscerate, turn into, circumcise, unsex, amputate, geld, change into, embroider, tend, sew, stitch. excise, pin up, become. sterilize, go into. tack. reverse, take in, develop. castrate
make into.
Other relevant words:
reconstruct, tend, turn into, become, sterilize, tack, reverse, unsex, castrate, spay, remodel, mend, change into, neuter, let out, develop, sew, amputate, stitch, interpolate, circumcise, geld, falsify.

Usage examples for alter

  1. We must keep an eye upon them, but not on any account alter our course." – With Axe and Rifle by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. The points of attack and defence alter – Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors by James Freeman Clarke
  3. She looked tired; her features seemed to alter – The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac