Synonyms for Queue:


artificial intelligence, ai, ABEND, authentication, access time, batch, background processing, alpha test, plait, braid, A-D conversion, pigtail, authoring. cordon, flow, caravan, phalanx, file, tail, crocodile. jump in line, cut, column, stand in line, tier, wait in/on line, first come, first served, head, group, join a line, row. braid (noun)
pigtail, plait.
group (noun)
waiting line.
line (noun)
array, line, arrangement, sequence, group, thread, column.
line-up (noun)
line up.
queue (noun)
order, progression, concatenation, series, tail, tier, line up, chain, line, succession, file, train, row, queue up, waiting line, rank, string.
row (noun)
sequence (noun)
gamut, course, Consecutiveness, Consecution, procession, arrangement, train, subsequence, line, succession, concatenation, progression, linkage, legacy, lineage, consequence, series, sequel.


line (verb)
cut, line up, align, follow.
motion (verb)
queue up, line up.
sequence (verb)
chain, link, progress, sort, thread, arrange, order, array, follow, succeed, align, string, concatenate, sequence, rank.

Other synonyms:

row, tier. column. file. head. cut. line-up
line up.
Other relevant words:
cordon, flow, plait, tail, stand in line, caravan, pigtail, column, file, waiting line, braid, tier, crocodile, row, queue up.

Usage examples for queue

  1. His queue and his moustache were cut off, and his hair had a sprinkling of powder. – The Chouans by Honore de Balzac
  2. As he stands, with his hands lightly crossed behind him, his legs a trifle apart, and his eye wandering critically over the Industry's hull and rigging, we see him to be a man of about five feet eight inches in height, with a well- knit figure, regular features, dark hair and eyes, the former surmounted by a jaunty crimson worsted cap with a silk tassel on its drooping end, and tied into a queue behind with a bow of very broad black silk ribbon, short black whiskers on each side of his face, with a clean- shaven upper lip and chin. – The Voyage of the Aurora by Harry Collingwood
  3. It was a mere conceit of the wearers, such a fashion not existing beyond College,- except as it appeared in here and there an antiquated gentleman, a venerable remnant of the olden time, in whom the boots were matched with buckles at the knee, and a powdered queue – A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall