Synonyms for Crisscross:


all (adjective)


chronology, column, argyle, coloration, decussate, arrangement, articulation, meet, check, configuration, array, intersect, crosscut, arabesque, cut across. cut through, cut, bulldoze, fight your way, push, traverse, squeeze. checkerboard, checkered, broken, even, candy-striped, chequered, dappled, checked, chronological. draw, imprint, carve, mark out, outline, circle, engrave, streak. attribute (noun)
cross, mark.
crisscross (noun)
crisscrossed, mark, reticulated, reticulate, reticular, cross.
network (noun)

Other synonyms:

checked, chronological, candy-striped, decussate, crosscut, chequered. checkerboard, checkered. intersect. even. cut. cut across
cut across.
Other relevant words:
array, arrangement, meet, circle, imprint, candy-striped, chequered, arabesque, coloration, chronology, squeeze, articulation, decussate, cut, crosscut, column, dappled, traverse, streak, intersect, crisscrossed, draw, outline, argyle, check, cut across, carve, broken, chronological, engrave, checked, checkerboard, push, even, bulldoze, checkered, configuration.

Usage examples for crisscross

  1. They had made many little paths all crisscross among the bushes, and when you tried to follow one of these paths you never could tell where you were coming out. – Old Granny Fox by Thornton W. Burgess