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grave - 221 results
dangerous (adjective)


serious (adjective)

grim, earnest, sober, sedate, intense, somber, demure, solemn, dignified.

Other synonyms:

cogent, knockout, monstrous, barrow, life-threatening, distressing, throaty, grave accent, write in code, risky, dieresis, leaden, lowering, umlaut, flagitious, demise, expunge, toilsome, dangerous, atrocious, circumflex, accent, great, diacritic, stamp, arduous, intemperate, scratch up, fret, low, cedilla, gruelling, place, operose, cancel, sculpture, telling, bereavement, sound, venturesome, anxious, stern, death, black, inscribe, uncomic, vault, rub, etch, obese, headstone, graveside, important, laboured, unsmiling, austere, encipher, sincere, morbidity, overweight, cloggy, sobersided, death throes, wakeless, dark, enceinte, unsafe, sonorous, staid, sombre, desperate, curious, cypher, expectant, appealing, keep, enter, excise, corpulent, heavy, incise, laborious, churchyard, big, death toll, rotund, tomb, tilde, absent, no-nonsense, crypt, burial ground, drab, carve, grievous, hazardous, stressful, cemetery, backbreaking, graveyard, with child, clayey, chafe, stark, of import, beatific, serious, po-faced, sculpt, severe, bass, code, gravestone, critical, alarming, fix, spartan, brooding, itch, call off, rigorous, disturbing, dire, wicked, sepulture, unplayful, impenetrable, awful, sober, dying, solemn, scrape up, tense, recruit, autograph, large, encrypt, menacing, parlous, dolmen, hard, heartbreaking, sullen, acute, darkly, ossuary, scratch, worrying, engrave, enroll, bleak, labored, grueling, weighty, ponderous, catacomb, terrible, dense, good, cipher, jeopardizing, MARKS, threatening, fleshy, perilous, bug-eyed, enrol, cinerarium, fray, lumbering, profound, punishing, Mausoleum, death rate, extreme, humorless, impress, weighed down, sedate, gravid, scrape, mortality, scrub, heartrending, come up, sepulcher, strike, unhealthy, fatality, imprint.

Examples of usage:

In that One Great Spirit meet All things mighty, grave, and sweet. - "Callista", John Henry Cardinal Newman.

Her grave is not so many miles from here." - "The U.P. Trail", Zane Grey.

No, no, I must carry it with me,- carry it with me to the grave." - "The Sport of the Gods", Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Similar words:

saving grace, seed grain, scurvy grass, Scutch Grass, silk grass, smut grass, Smilo Grass, sour grass, Sea Lyme Grass, snake in the grass.

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