Synonyms for Application:


application software, authoring software, address book, backup utility, autoresponder, beta version, alpha version, automatic recovery program, accounting package. attention, wear, devotion, consumption, adoption, assiduousness, exploitation. cosmetic, alcohol, summons, ointment, medicine, dressing, pomade, unguent, compress, balm, order, stimulant, wash, plaster, salve, bandage. applicant, affirmative action, appraise, biodata, treatment, appraisal, bidder, application form, administration (of an estate), apply. certificate, form, credentials, top, crown, bill, blanket, smother, recover, requisition, letter, paper, wrap, blank, insulate, questionnaire, bury. play, implementation, used. duty. give, dispensation. bearing, relevancy, germaneness, appositeness, pertinency, materiality, pertinence, relevance, concernment, applicability, relevant. industrious, assiduity, sedulousness. words, seek. act (noun)
covering, coating, practical application.
appeal (noun)
appeal, bid, prayer, solicitation, plea, petition, approach, supplication, invitation, request, invocation, entreaty, address.
application (noun)
conduct, operation, exercise, use, application program, diligence, utility, covering, usage, employment, practice, service, practical application, coating, exertion, utilization, function, Applications Programme.
attribution (noun)
ascription, credit, assignment, acknowledgement, blame, attachment, attribution, citation, mark, accreditation, imputation.
hard work (noun)
attention, assiduity, diligence, dedication, effort.
plea (noun)
putting substance on another (noun)
relevance (noun)
request (noun)
demand, request, entreaty, blank, paper, form, letter, petition, solicitation, appeal, requisition.
use (noun)
germaneness, relevance, operation, practice, play, function, utilization, exercise, purpose, pertinence, employment, appositeness.

Other synonyms:

materiality, autoresponder, care, effort, applicability, authoring software, pertinency, appositeness, applicant, address book, relevancy, germaneness, accounting package, bidder, assiduousness, beta version, concernment, biodata, appraisal, alpha version, automatic recovery program, implementation, application software, application form, backup utility. balm, relevance, consumption, appraise, exploitation, credentials, dressing, pertinence, summons, apply, requisition. order, adoption. dispensation. wear, form. administration (of an estate), duty. applications programme
Applications Programme.

Usage examples for application

  1. We'll all even up, but they would have been mighty suspicious if I had let Tainter's application go in through Mays. – The Best Policy by Elliott Flower
  2. He was convinced that had he shown the slightest resentment over the application of the epithet Ten Spot would have shot him down at once. – The Coming of the Law by Charles Alden Seltzer