Synonyms for Concede:


let on, come clean. assist, cushion, avow, deadlock, chalk something up, knowledge, acknowledge, own, attack, bury, aggregate, all, fess up, affirm. present, contribute, vouchsafe, help, hand, lavish, part with, hand over, distribute. go down, bomb out of, go out, lose, roll over, give away, agree. concede (noun)
yield, cede, confess, profess, grant.
yield (noun)


acknowledge, give in (verb)
confess, cede, allow, let on, own, yield, fess up, hand over, avow, grant.
communication (verb)
confess, yield, grant, profess.
compromise (verb)
appease, allow, accommodate, compromise, mediate, reconcile, settle, compensate, adjust, bargain.
permit (verb)
sanction, consent, tolerate, approve, condone, permit, license, release, bless, let, authorize, enfranchise.

Other synonyms:

conciliate, bridge-building, vouchsafe, bomb out of, call off, arbitrate, fess up, let on. break up, avow, bury, roll over, cushion. assist, go out, attack, own. give away, all, lose. concession, go down. aggregate. agree
roll over.
give and take
permit, vouchsafe.
Other relevant words:
avow, yield, bridge-building, lose, own, bury, part with, distribute, help, vouchsafe, contribute, affirm, buckle, let on, confess, come clean, agree, arbitrate, lavish, deadlock, hand, cushion, knowledge, all, fess up, attack, conciliate, concession, acknowledge, grant, assist, cede, profess, aggregate, hand over, present.

Usage examples for concede

  1. I could not attempt to hide that party spirit was there carried to a high pitch, and that the majority seemed determined to require his abdication, and to pronounce it themselves if he did not concede willingly. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton