Synonyms for Scored:


blemished (adjective)
flecked, impure, abraded, cracked, tarnished, blotched, gashed, disfigured, imperfect, Scuffed, spotted, fractured, notched, blemished, splotched, defaced, scarred, scratched, Scabbed, scraped, marked, slit, specked, deformed, pockmarked, discolored, Hacked, chipped, blistered, defective, stained, damaged, Nicked, freckled, distorted, spoiled, marred, flawed, tainted.
measured (adjective)
tested, benchmarked, calculated, calibrated, Surveyed, scaled, ranked, quantized, measured, Rated, estimated, Computed, Appraised, quantified, evaluated.
notched (adjective)
incised, serrated, cracked, split, notched, chinked, indented, Jogged, slit, cut, gashed, Nicked.
serrated (adjective)
notched, indented.


acquired (verb)
Incurred, Caught, Bagged, Retrieved, Lured, taken, Pocketed, received, acquired, Took, Reaped, Fetched, Gotten, Bought, Claimed, Got, heaped, secured, Obtained, Wrangled, Procured, amassed, Purchased, Palmed, won, netted, Annexed, Captured, assumed, Harvested, accumulated, cornered, Garnered, landed.
blemished (verb)
dotted, Blotted, hurt, checked, defected, Kinked, slitted.
calculated (verb)
estimated, valued, measured, considered, Computed, added, divided, scheduled, totaled, figured, Tallied, Summed, Enumerated, Weighed, Gauged, quantized, planned, Triangulated, determined, calculated, plotted, Rated, programmed, Assessed, Reckoned, Deduced, thought, Judged, Counted, Guessed, multiplied, concluded, Approximated, ranked, supposed, systematized, evaluated, Inferred, studied, quantified, Surmised, Accounted, Schemed, Appraised, rationalized, presumed.
engraved (verb)
engraved, Lithographed, etched.
listed (verb)
documented, listed, Inventoried, Filed, Logged, Indexed, digested, stored, collected, noted, booked, Audited, recorded, Chronicled, budgeted, itemized, Tabulated, Invoiced, detailed, Journalized, summarized, cataloged, recounted, tabled, registered.
measured (verb)
estimated, quantized, ranked, calculated, measured, calibrated, Rated, Appraised, tested, Surveyed, scaled, evaluated, Computed, benchmarked, quantified.
notched (verb)
ordered (verb)
controlled, grouped, prepared, stratified, Righted, separated, established, Marshalled, graded, regulated, Sifted, formed, maintained, unsnarled, orchestrated, ordered, integrated, set, Classed, balanced, cast, structured, pigeonholed, stabilized, arrayed, normalized, Collated, sorted, composed, organized, fixed, supported, Screened, classified, arranged, Methodized, framed, mediated, settled, Subordinated, designed, schematized, unified, adjusted, categorized, typed, Charted, harmonized, shaped, placed, Devised.
score (verb)
slit, set.

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Usage examples for Scored

  1. On the point, there, this morning you scored on me, I admit it; but this is where I shine: real shooting; one, or a pair at most, at a time; no scratches; no excuses. – A Breath of Prairie and other stories by Will Lillibridge
  2. You see you have scored a fourth point, though again by no prowess of your own. – Helmet of Navarre by Bertha Runkle
  3. You have scored an even greater success than you anticipated, eh? – The Intriguers by William Le Queux