Synonyms for Affected:


all (adjective)
arty (adjective)
camp (adjective)
changed in a bad or artificial way (adjective)
simulated, counterfeit, pretentious, pompous, studied, unnatural, hollow, pretended, ostentatious, Counterfeited, contrived, theatrical, stiff, pedantic, phony, feigned, overdone, self-conscious, Imitated, faked, artificial, insincere, apish, precious, false, stilted, melodramatic.
deeply moved or hurt emotionally (adjective)
concerned, touched, overwrought, afflicted, stirred, impressed, overwhelmed, changed, Influenced, injured, altered, sorry, compassionate, sympathetic, tender.
diseased (adjective)
handicapped, ill, nauseous, diseased, Inflicted, disabled, infirm, ailing, unhealthy, infected, decrepit, sick, pestilent, indisposed, cursed, sickly.
dramatic (adjective)
enamored (adjective)
involved with (adjective)
ostentatious (adjective)
forced, grandiose, dashing, sensational, histrionic, Flaunting, formal, stilted, flagrant, vain, jaunty, flourishing, blatant, boastful, fussy, grandiloquent, showy, exhibitionistic, ornate, ostentatious, pompous, rakish, flashy, gaudy, garish, snazzy, splashy, opulent, shameless, flamboyant, dramatic.
pretended (adjective)
pretentious (adjective)
imitation, posing, counterfeit, Impersonating, pretentious, stilted, imposture, ostentatious, facade, showy, stagy, fraudulent, artificial, bogus, la-di-da, overdone, forced, ersatz, studied, synthetic, theatrical, unnatural, false, mock, mannered, forged, histrionic, stiff, Masquerading, fake, deceitful.
self-conscious (adjective)


honest, good, plain. concern. affected (noun)
stricken, stilted, strained, elocutionary, taken, wonder-struck, moved, struck, stage-struck, smitten, artificial, agonistic, contrived, touched, constrained, plummy, stirred, unnatural, impressed, mannered, forced.
feigned (noun)
simulated, phony, put on.


influenced (verb)
led, biased, motivated, mastered, powered, pressured, empowered, prejudiced, Influenced, Commanded, Swayed, authorized, Predominated, controlled.
pretended (verb)
staged, Claimed, posed, Imitated, covered, Bluffed, Counterfeited, disguised, forged, showed, Masqueraded, Deceived, Impersonated, faked, Falsified, Defrauded, pretended.

Other synonyms:

disingenuous, concerned, overwrought, interested, arty, sugary. feigned, precious. phony. deceitful

Usage examples for affected

  1. Why should my heart be affected – Look Back on Happiness by Knut Hamsun
  2. How is he affected – The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now by T. S. Arthur
  3. Grimsby was by no means affected by the woman's distress. – Jess of the Rebel Trail by H. A. Cody