Synonyms for Hurt:


all (adjective)
wounded, weakened.
damaged (adjective)
injured (adjective)
wounded, maimed, afflicted, weakened, injured, damaged, harmed, mutilated.
pained (adjective)
physically or mentally injured (adjective)
miffed, sore, pained, grazed, scraped, wounded, disturbed, scarred, distressed, tortured, impaired, Piqued, disfigured, Mauled, lacerated, scratched, resentful, offended, shot, contused, harmed, struck, suffering, damaged, HIT, warped, in pain, battered, Nicked, unhappy, bruised, mutilated, marred, buffeted, agonized, stricken.
resentful (adjective)
envious, splenetic, embittered, resentful, Piqued, antagonistic, malevolent, offended, Huffed, irritated, stung, discontent, miffed, acerbic, Spleenful, vexed, infuriated, vindictive, sore, spiteful, bitter, galled.


impassioned, torrid, soulful, passionate, intense, tempestuous, ardent, histrionic, emotional, hysterical. maltreat, destroy, pound, stifle. hang over, bother, devastate, worry, upset, dismay, disturb, depress. stiff, uncomfortable, agonised, saddle sore, footsore. twinge. vitiate, Disserve, better, detract from, impair. blemish (noun)
drawback, fault, weal, disfigurement, defacement, scab, discoloration, distortion, lesion, blotch, wart, eyesore, imperfection, spoilage, rift, impurity, sore, abrasion, deformity, stigma, brand.
feeling (noun)
hurt (noun)
injure, suffer, pain, scathe, distress, trauma, damage, weakened, bruised, harm, injury, offend, injured, anguish, spite, damaged, ache, wound, bruise, suffering, wounded, smart, detriment.
injury; damage (noun)
gash, scratch, pang, distress, discomfort, pain, ache, detriment, wound, bruise, nick, mark, harm.
pain (noun)
inflammation, suffering, distress, spasm, injury, wrench, torture, gripe, grief, throb, infliction, misery, burn, painfulness, sting, headache, anguish, cramp, pain, smarting, discomfort, bite, rack, throe, irritation, earache, crick, agony, Back Ache, stitch, bruise, affliction, torment, chafing, Migraine, stab, malaise, pang.
wounded (noun)
stabbed, struck, sorely hurt, lacerated, disturbed, HIT, impaired, shot, winged, buffeted, slightly wounded, stricken, unhappy, in pain, Mauled, warped, in a serious state, battered, grazed, severely wounded, contused.


blemish (verb)
distort, spoil, disfigure, defect, fracture, blemish, scratch, slit, blister, nick, scrape, hack, flaw, scuff, freckle, check, tarnish, deface, score, chip, stain, damage, scar, fleck, gash, discolor, kink, abrade, deform, spot, speck, splotch, dot, blot, notch, pockmark, taint, mar, mark.
blemished (verb)
freckled, tarnished, disfigured, spoiled, marked, Scored, Nicked, flecked, dotted, Blotted, gashed, scarred, cracked, scratched, stained, fractured, blistered, defaced, scraped, splotched, discolored, checked, specked, Hacked, marred, distorted, deformed, blemished, defected, tainted, chipped, abraded, Kinked, damaged, Scuffed, spotted, notched, slitted.
cause mental pain (verb)
grieve, vitiate, upset, excruciate, displease, try, aggrieve, discommode, work over, chafe, put out, martyr, lambaste.
cause physical pain; experience pain (verb)
mar, punch, whack, pierce, torment, injure, puncture, belt, smart, slap, kick, sting, pinch, throb, pummel, impair, punish, flail, spank, stab, lash, abuse, whip, flog, torture, maul, blemish, wring, afflict, nip, bite, spoil, burn, cramp, tear, maltreat, squeeze, damage, slug, lacerate.
injure (verb)
injure, ache, harm, mangle, wound, maltreat, offend.
injured (verb)
injured, impaired, Ached, wounded, harmed, mangled.
pain (verb)
chafe, afflict, agonize, irritate, suffer, inflame, smart.
pained (verb)
inflamed, cramped, Smarted, anguished, tormented, Throbbed, afflicted, pained, Racked, distressed, Suffered, agonized, stitched, chafed, tortured, Discomforted, Wrenched.
perception (verb)
smart, ache.

Other synonyms:

saddle sore, agonised, impair, cut-up, Disserve, pound, uncomfortable, footsore. grieve, lacerate, aggrieve, stifle, bother. vitiate, battered. lay up. shot. attack
wallop, blistered.
Mauled, work over.
Other relevant words:
grieve, abuse, detriment, impaired, in pain, impair, Disserve.

Usage examples for hurt

  1. Why don't it hurt 'em? – Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition by Marietta Holley
  2. But his head is hurt – In the Day of Adversity by John Bloundelle-Burton
  3. Not hurt a bit; are you? – Daddy Takes Us Skating by Howard R. Garis