Synonyms for Utility:


all (adjective)


browser, adequacy, efficiency, client, computer program, bot, applet, assembler, efficacy, compiler, bootstrap program, add-on, architecture, favor. alcove, monopoly, cornerstone, business, brickwork, beading, body, bay, balcony, addition, catacombs, ceiling. used, All Terrain Vehicle, 18-wheeler, 4WD, bus, account, ambulance, breakdown truck, ATV, camper van, camper. worth, user-friendliness, usability, synergy. application (noun)
conduct, use, usage, practice, operation, exertion, function, exercise, employment, application, utilization, service.
instrument (noun)
equipment, contraption, contrivance, engine, facility, utensil, gadget, widget, implement, apparatus, appliance, gizmo, doodad, instrument, gimcrack, gimmick, tool, device, convenience, machine.
serviceableness (noun)
convenience, efficiency, function, account, advantageousness, appropriateness, usefulness, use, adequacy, favor, serviceability, efficacy, benefit, service, practicality.
utility (noun)
instrumentality, serviceability, suitability, usefulness, inferior, public utility, fittingness, substitute, appropriateness, facilitation, helpfulness, utility-grade, service program, utility program, secondary, functionality, benefit, advantageousness, practicality, public-service corporation, merit.

Other synonyms:

usability, synergy, efficacy. efficiency. worth. account. Other relevant words:
monopoly, account, business, substitute, favor, efficiency, usability, service program, utility program, public utility, public-service corporation, adequacy, utility-grade, efficacy, inferior, worth, secondary.

Usage examples for utility

  1. I hope you will now see that the perfection of a process- that is, its utility is the better point of beauty about it. – The Chemical History Of A Candle by Michael Faraday