Synonyms for Hinder:


squeeze out, cut into, kill off, stamp out, shut off. impede (noun)
muzzle, cancel out, disappoint, knock the props from under, filibuster, limit, suspend, contravene, throw a monkey wrench into the works, clash with, preclude, taboo, stall, outwit, put the lid on, obviate, checkmate, deprive, render difficult, defeat, spoil, derange, hold up, pit against, deadlock, interpose, countervail, nullify, get in the way of, prohibit, stem, corner, snafu, postpone, trammel, hold back, offset, slow down, circumscribe, forestall, bind hand and foot, keep in bounds, be an impediment to, hang fire, keep back, conflict with, set against, shut out, stanch, tie up, gag, hold from, put back, stalemate, be an obstacle to, pinion, silence, arrest, trap, bog down, interfere with, end, withhold, close, hedge, set-back, go against, fly in the face of, cage, hang up, disallow, knock the bottom out of, bring to a standstill, annul, overreach, exclude, box in, defer, debar, terminate, stand in the way of, shorten, smother, forbid, cause to delay.


de-motivate (verb)
discourage, dampen, disincline, dishearten, depress, throttle, daunt, de-motivate, dissuade, stifle.
disable (verb)
invalidate, anesthetize, disable, benumb, deaden, incapacitate, screw up, dull, impair, stun, paralyze, abrogate, undermine, hobble, botch, cripple, cramp, sap, scotch, hamstring, lame, neutralize, disarm, prostrate, enfeeble, stupefy, tamper, vitiate, handicap, weaken, hamper.
hinder (verb)
fetter, brake, block, bottleneck, snarl, mire, clog, choke, deter, dam, encumber, complicate, bung, stop, burden, congest, thwart, tangle, entangle, plug, snag, crimp, entrap, baffle, jam, stay, frustrate, detain, curb, foul, constipate, interrupt, restrain, restrict, drag, bar, constrain, delay, catch.
oppose (verb)
disagree, fight, repel, confront, object, conflict, oppress, suppress, counterattack, protest, rebuff, interfere, meddle, oppose, check, defy, repress, resist, challenge, inhibit, counteract, dispute, obstruct, counter, contradict, intercept, repulse, antagonize, impede, cross.
prevent, slow down (verb)
interrupt, check, block, obstruct, arrest, bar, hold up, debar, choke, terminate, hold back, clog, counteract, burden, frustrate, oppose, muzzle, fetter, hamstring, box in, encumber, inhibit, curb, cramp, delay, prohibit, cripple, bottleneck, stay, shut out, neutralize, resist, trammel, contravene, hamper, stop, offset, preclude, interfere, handicap, deter, thwart, snafu, impede, crimp.
restrain (verb)
tether, bind, collar, leash, control, shackle, bridle, constrict, confine.
retain (verb)
maintain, conserve, reserve, prevent, hold, preserve, retain.
slow (verb)
trudge, crawl, dawdle, poke, plod, slow, creep, loiter, linger.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

forestall. prohibit, tie up, stall. hold up. contradict
cancel out, neutralize, go against.
make unnecessary
bar, prohibit, debar.
Other relevant words:
disallow, stall, stanch, bog down, interfere with, pinion, put back, withhold, go against, postpone, shut out, forbid, nullify, defer, offset, conflict with, terminate, hedge, preclude, end, snafu, debar, trammel, prohibit, hold up, contravene, pit against, hold back, box in, get in the way of, defeat, tie up, arrest, set against, limit, obviate, keep back, slow down, taboo, stem, shut off, countervail, disappoint, filibuster, muzzle, forestall, circumscribe, exclude.

Usage examples for hinder

  1. Then thou wilt not hinder him again? – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  2. I won't hinder thee. – In the Days of the Guild by Louise Lamprey
  3. And if I tried, what steps would the Tresidders take to hinder me? – The Birthright by Joseph Hocking