Synonyms for Govern:


watch over, look after. incline, over, run, implant, condition, administrate, predispose, enter, motivate, throw back on. keep down, limit, confine, cure, restrict. machine. govern (noun)
regularize, order, regulate, rule.
rule (noun)
hold the reins of empire, administer the laws, legislate, hold office, over, tyrannize, occupy the throne, lay down the law, hold dominion, hold sway, exercise authority, serve the people, be in power, assume command, wield the scepter, wear the crown.


command (verb)
grasp, charge, sway, hold, grip, coordinate, reign.
control (verb)
execute, administer, manage, order, preside, harness, supervise, superintend, bridle, rule, oversee, steer, control, discipline, command, dominate, lead, direct, pilot.
direct (verb)
conduct, boss, lord, master.
influence; hold in check (verb)
discipline, boss, rule, incline, dominate, bridle, predispose.
master (verb)
social (verb)
order, regularize, regulate.
take control; rule (verb)
head, control, steer, superintend, regulate, tyrannize, administer, lead, serve the people, oversee, be in power, command, exercise authority, run, order, sway, lay down the law, hold sway, execute, hold dominion, pilot, conduct, assume command, wear the crown, reign, manage, hold office, supervise, direct.

Other synonyms:

administrate, watch over, hold office. look after. run. command
hold office.
keep down.
Other relevant words:
confine, exercise authority, administrate, hold office, occupy the throne, predispose, serve the people, watch over, tyrannize, lay down the law, condition, hold dominion, hold sway, regulate, regularize, incline, be in power, wear the crown, wield the scepter, legislate, assume command, look after, run, restrict.

Usage examples for govern

  1. Let us not flatter ourselves that we shall always have good men to govern us. – Essays on the Constitution of the United States by Paul Leicester Ford
  2. And Arthur went, grumbling and sighing that a man's stomach should govern his temper. – Dan Merrithew by Lawrence Perry
  3. The method of democracy is to point out clearly how the desired result may be obtained and to depend upon the people to govern themselves accordingly. – Community Civics and Rural Life by Arthur W. Dunn