Synonyms for Prompt:


agile (adjective)
hasty (adjective)
on time (adjective)
prompt (adjective)
expeditious, alert, ready, punctual, swift, timely, speedy, immediate, on time, efficient, quick, on the dot.
punctual (adjective)
quick, swift, speedy, punctual, expeditious, immediate.
very fast (adjective)


early (adverb)
in time, on the dot.


headlong, at once, straight, right now, instantly, straight away, suddenly, promptly, on-the-spot. blank, avatar, timely, cell, active window, button bar, checkbox, blip, button, bar, time, box. form, start-off, bring about, inaugurate, invent, create, make, catalyze. part, Exeunt, stage direction, line, come-on, exit. on the dot, well-timed, sharp, just in time, duly, in time. nourishment, persuasion, inducement, stimulus, stimulant. advice (noun)
clue, advocacy, suggestion, instruction, encouragement, briefing, hint, information, recommendation, tip, warning, message, caveat, pointer, monition, guidance, direction, news, advice, intelligence.
communication (noun)
indication (noun)
sign, legend, indication, denotation, semaphore, badge, guidepost, logo, notation, icon, insignia, marker, designation, symbol, lighthouse, crest, key, banner, signpost, token, beacon, emblem, gesticulation, logotype, figuration.
prompt (noun)
immediate, timesaving, efficient, motivate, prod, jolt, quick, move, stimulus, punctual, prompting, straightaway, fast, incite, actuate, command prompt, on time, expeditious, spur, remind, instigate, jog, ready, cue, propel, inspire.
timely (noun)
instanteous, study at quick.


activate (verb)
trigger, actuate, energize.
actuate (verb)
drive, incite.
bring (verb)
force, create, make, prevail on.
indicate (verb)
flag, wink, brand, motion, nudge, mark, signal, nod, ticket, shrug, point, wave, designate, gesticulate, alert, beckon, note, denote, tag, symbolize, indicate, label, stamp, betoken, point out, gesture.
motivate (verb)
goad, push, catapult, magnetize, foment, hasten, thrust, pitch, trigger, jostle, jolt, jerk, hurtle, punch, drive, strike, ram, energize, propel, stimulate, inspire, provoke, poke, shove, shoot, heave, induce, bump, throw, knock, launch, move, hurl, entice, impel, ferment, urge, prod, sling, force, instigate, lob, fire, jog, fling, motivate.
prompt (verb)
impel, propel, convince, induce, provoke, instigate, remind, stimulate, advise, motivate, inspire, move, goad, urge, indicate, suggest, hint, persuade.

Other synonyms:

stimulus, Exeunt, well-timed, stage direction, inducement, just in time. persuade, duly, nourishment. promptly, persuasion, stimulant, timely. exit. spur. come-on. part. sharp. line. persuade
prevail on.
Other relevant words:
convince, time, bring about, remind, button, Exeunt, prompting, in time, spur, headlong, sharp, invent, inaugurate, duly, catalyze, stimulus, fast, ready, nourishment, exit, persuasion, command prompt, create, instanteous, efficient, inducement, actuate, on the dot, checkbox, on time, stimulant, make, blip, timesaving, cell, timely, avatar, box, just in time, on-the-spot, line, straightaway, straight, incite, promptly, part, instantly, prevail on, bar, form, suddenly, at once, expeditious, persuade, blank.

Usage examples for prompt

  1. The demand was prompt and decided. – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. " With Hawtry it goes; without Hawtry, no, Mr. Vandeford," was the prompt answer. – Blue-grass and Broadway by Maria Thompson Daviess
  3. The result is that they make a much more prompt and early start and will produce a much larger growth than they did the first season. – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick