Synonyms for Abuse:


aa, delirium tremens, dependence, designated driver, Al-Anon, binge drinking, cheers, alcoholism, alcoholics anonymous. blame, oppress, reject, trample, shove around, do someone wrong, hit out, kick around, grind down. bullying, barbarism, cruelty, misappropriate, Brutalities, mishandle. interfere with, ravish. overwork, fritter away, squander, throw away, chuck away, wear out. drink, tipple, belt down, barhop, have a skinful, hold your drink, drink like a fish, sober up, knock back. blaspheme, swear, cuss. abuse (noun)
maltreatment, misuse, mistreat, shout, ill-use, vilification, ill-usage, pervert, blackguard, contumely, maltreat, insult, ill-treatment, clapperclaw, revilement, ill-treat.
act (noun)
ill-treatment, maltreatment, ill-usage.
malediction (noun)
curse, disparagement, vilification, vituperation, oath, malediction, swearing, denunciation, damnation, invective.
misuse (noun)
debasement, desecration, violation, Despoiling, maltreatment, ill-use, misuse, degradation, debauchery, ill-treatment.
physical hurting, injuring (noun)
damage, hurt, impairment, injury, pollution, violation, maltreatment, harm, defilement.
pollution (noun)
punishment (noun)
verbal attack (noun)
blame, swearing, revilement, vilification, vituperation, invective, curse.
violence (noun)
broil, frenzy, assault, terrorism, fracas, turmoil, insurrection, ferocity, torture, outrage, brawl, inhumanity, intensity, uproar, violence, thuggery, vehemence, fight, fury, destructiveness, wildness, rage, atrocity, brutality, fierceness, savagery, barbarity, brutishness, attack, commotion, vandalism.
wrong use (noun)
debasement, misapplication, misuse, perversion, wrong, mishandling, prostitution, injustice, desecration.


attack with words (verb)
insult, vituperate, revile.
change (verb)
pervert, misuse.
misuse (verb)
debase, degrade, desecrate, despoil, maltreat, violate, ill-treat, defile, debauch.
physically hurt or injure (verb)
desecrate, mishandle, mistreat, oppress, violate, maltreat, defile, ill-treat.
social (verb)
ill-treat, ill-use, mistreat, maltreat.
use wrongly (verb)
overwork, waste, squander.
wrong (verb)
encroach, transgress, trespass, wrong, do wrong, perpetrate, commit, infringe.

Other synonyms:

designated driver, swearword, squander, obscenity, misapplication, cheers, alcoholism, prostitution, throw away, overwork, sexual abuse, overuse, chuck away, rail against, indecency, tipple, profanation, alcoholics anonymous, binge drinking, indecent assault, profanity, reject, persecution, expletive, barhop, mishandling, bullying, wastage, hit out, black hole, date rape, knock back, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, belt down, perversion, gang-rape, Al-Anon, grind down, dependence, acquaintance rape, four-letter word, misappropriation, swear, trample, bad language, shove around, cruelty, imprecation, delirium tremens, dissipation. blaspheme, hurt, injustice, wear out, interfere with, drink, aa, cuss. assail, waste, exploit. presume. impose. attack
kick around, mishandle, do wrong, mistreat.

Usage examples for abuse

  1. Suddenly, I saw two of the children down in the street fire up and begin to abuse one another. – Hunger by Knut Hamsun
  2. They say nothing of any call made on them by Mr. Barwell's agent in England; nor does it appear to your Committee that they " have descended to abuse – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VIII. (of 12) by Edmund Burke