Synonyms for Incline:


reckon, have a mind of your own, know best, hold, believe in, consider, think, say, adhere to. bestride, heel, balance, crouch, straight, double over, crane, cower, rake, burrow. likely, fall, trend, squint. condition, predispose, affect, like, throw back on, motivate, implant, hold sway, sway, enter. grade, rise, inclination. ascent (noun)
incline (noun)
pitch, slope, tend, lean, be given, dispose, run, ramp, side.
object (noun)
slope, side.
slope (noun)
approach, lean, grade, inclination, ramp, inclined plane, rise.


bend, lean (verb)
heel, tend, slope.
tend (verb)
tend, lean.
tend toward (verb)
affect, sway, predispose.

Other synonyms:

throw back on, consider. believe in, say, motivate, rake, think, reckon, adhere to. implant, squint, predispose. trend. hold. enter, condition. grade. aslope
Other relevant words:
hold, approach, inclination, run, enter, reckon, rise, squint, heel, say, rake, think, condition, motivate, like, implant, pitch, trend, likely, dispose, crouch, consider, bestride, inclined plane, side, straight, lean, slope, affect, balance, crane, fall, cower, grade, ramp, sway, be given, predispose, burrow.

Usage examples for incline

  1. " This, ladies, is a true story, which should incline us more strongly to preserve the fair virtue of chastity. – The Tales Of The Heptameron, Vol. I. (of V.) by Margaret, Queen Of Navarre
  2. The incline was the same down which d'Urberville had driven her so wildly on that day in June. – Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy
  3. " Sire," he said, solemnly, " I call Heaven to witness that I have tried my best to incline your majesty to my prayers! – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach