Synonyms for Agitate:


boycott, chase, defect, destabilize, blacklist, demonstrate, bring down. unsettle, bounce, flurry, distract. agitate (noun)
stir, charge up, foment, rouse, vex, disturb, campaign, shift, push, fight, press, shake up, shake, excite, charge, raise up, crusade, budge, commove, stir up.
stir (noun)
move, study atdisturb.


agitate (verb)
jar, perturb, quiver, quake, quaver, shudder, palpitate, stir, shake, fluster, upset, trouble, jolt, disquiet, twitch, churn, shiver.
derange (verb)
discompose, meddle, disorder, dislocate, disarrange, convulse, roil, tousle, displace, whisk, capsize, swirl, scramble, hash, misplace, mess, jumble, ruffle, mix up, dishevel, scatter, rummage, confuse, clutter, roughen, derange, tumble, ripple, muss, tamper, confound, rumple, botch, ferment, mislay, muddle, toss, disturb, blur, disorganize, whip.
disturb, trouble someone (verb)
discompose, excite, fluster, ferment, flurry, perturb, distract, ruffle, inflame, confuse, upset, stimulate, disquiet, arouse, trouble, alarm, move.
excite (verb)
electrify, fire, inflame, Impassion, arouse, stimulate, exhilarate.
frighten (verb)
haunt, terrify, harrow, panic, intimidate, unnerve, frighten, threaten, petrify, set on edge, rattle, horrify, scare, alarm.
invigorate (verb)
enthuse, rouse, strengthen, activate, enliven, revive, energize, excite, invigorate, animate, power.
shake physically (verb)
convulse, rouse, stir, toss, churn, disturb.
social (verb)
foment, stir up.

Other synonyms:

boycott, bring down, chase, destabilize, blacklist. defect, demonstrate. distract. unsettle. disrupt
spin around
Other relevant words:
press, demonstrate, move, commove, stir up, vex, charge, budge, campaign, crusade, raise up, boycott, blacklist, distract, unsettle, devastate, foment, alarm, push, wound, stab, charge up, fight, shake up, destabilize, flurry, defect, bounce, shift, depress, chase, repetition.

Usage examples for agitate

  1. To agitate him might bring very serious consequences; she had drawn this from the words of the surgeon. – Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale by Ida Glenwood
  2. Is there nothing that can agitate the frame or excite the blood but the consciousness of guilt? – Select Speeches of Daniel Webster by Daniel Webster