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agitate - 330 results
Other synonyms:

squeeze, wobble, jerk, drive out, stab, vibrate, level, switch on, wake, bill, unsettle, hinge upon, flutter, calm, trip out, weightlift, institutionalize, change over, consign, exercise, throw off, rag, flap, saddle, dislodge, switch, weird out, moot, totter, burden, fluff up, run, bestir, pose, defend, evoke, sex, get, waver, force out, lodge, crusade, dismay, defect, joggle, depend on, waken, flurry, campaign, commove, pitch, reorganize, dumbfound, call forth, wind up, contract, interrupt, wound, undo, nonplus, tremble, charge, instigate, careen, demonstrate, iron, advertise, compact, devolve on, wash, bounce, promote, freak, shake up, drive, set off, fight back, chafe, struggle, unhinge, bring up, stir up, load, disturb, depend upon, flummox, contend, labor, raise, shift, stir, constrict, reposition, bandy, shake off, rout out, bring down, weigh, change, get off, force, discomfort, mystify, invoke, sway, get to, distress, wake up, hang over, irritate, chase, wave, institutionalise, shoot down, iron out, rock, fluctuate, perplex, trip, incite, fight, blame, brandish, buck, send, adjure, frazzle, raise up, press out, rouse, urge, reorganise, conjure up, nettle, gravel, advertize, ail, foment, transfer, devastate, labour, boycott, reel, jiggle, beseech, press, rile, take the field, stupefy, charge up, bother, heat, puzzle, move, tilt, appoint, ride, bid, plump up, distemper, stick, beat, dispute, accuse, entreat, bump around, turn on, distract, talk over, bear down, nark, amaze, bear on, exhort, crowd, escape from, conjure, concern, touch, didder, compress, bucket, awaken, get at, bewilder, lurch, push, put forward, urge on, fire up, call down, destabilize, commit, blacklist, annoy, canvass, shoot, oppose, tug, weight-lift, thrill, file, debate, depress, excite, fight down, derail, energise, devil, baffle, swing, worry, oscillate, hinge on, repetition, fuss, shake, tear, hagride, budge, succuss, whirl, bat, jounce, argue, study atdisturb, vex, point, judder, ignite.

Examples of usage:

I feared to agitate her by referring to it; but later in the evening, when her curtains were drawn and Simon Fleix and I were left together, eyeing one another across the embers like dogs of different breeds- with a certain strangeness and suspicion- my thoughts recurred to the question; and determining first to learn something about my companion, whose pale, eager face and tattered, black dress gave him a certain individuality, I asked him whether he had come from Paris with Madame de Bonne. - "Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France", Stanley J. Weyman.

To agitate him might bring very serious consequences; she had drawn this from the words of the surgeon. - "Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale", Ida Glenwood.

Is there nothing that can agitate the frame or excite the blood but the consciousness of guilt? - "Select Speeches of Daniel Webster", Daniel Webster.

Similar words:

agitated, agiotage, agitative, agitator, Paralysis Agitans, agility, agitating, agitation, Agitatedly.

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