Synonyms for Abstemious:


all (adjective)
ascetic (adjective)
abstinent, ascetic, austere, celibate, dry, franciscan, lenten, miserly, monastic, parsimonious, penitential, repentant, severe, spartan, stark, stoic, teetotaling, trappist, hermit-like.
celibate (adjective)
alone, asexual, bachelor, chaste, intact, lone, maiden, monkish, old maid, pure, single, solitary, unmarried, unplowed, unwed, virginal, spinsterish, abstinent, ascetic, celibate, monastic.
continent (adjective)
economical (adjective)
restraining behavior or appetite (adjective)
abstinent, ascetic, austere, continent, frugal, moderate, sober, temperate.
stingy (adjective)
cheeseparing, closefisted, frugal, meager, mean, penny-pinching, petty, stingy, thrifty, tight, Hard-fisted, narrow-fisted, ascetic, austere, miserly, parsimonious, spartan.
temperate (adjective)


cannibal, cannibalism, carnivore, detox, diet, Atkins diet, brown-bag, crash diet. continent, restraint, sober. abstemious (noun)
abstentious, abstinent, ascetic, ascetical, austere, light, spartan, temperate.
abstinent (noun)
moderate, sober.

Other synonyms:

cannibal, cannibalism, carnivore, detox, diet, Atkins diet, brown-bag, crash diet. continent. moderate. Other relevant words:
abstentious, ascetical, cannibal, cannibalism, carnivore, continent, detox, diet, light, moderate, restraint, sober, temperate, brown-bag.

Usage examples for abstemious

  1. His broad chest, his erect air, his lithe and symmetrical length of limb, united, happily, the attributes of activity and strength; and though there was no delicacy of youthful bloom upon his dark cheek, and though lines which should have come later marred its smoothness with the signs of care and thought, yet an expression of intelligence and daring, equally beyond his years, and the evidence of hardy, abstemious vigorous health, served to show to the full advantage the outline of features which, noble and regular, though stern and masculine, the artist might have borrowed for his ideal of a young Spartan arming for his first battle. – Night and Morning, Volume 3 by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  2. Wine and spirits were also obtainable, but were seldom taken by the Americans, who are abstemious abroad as well as at home. – Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands by Mary Seacole Commentator: W. H. Russell
  3. My husband is a very- most abstemious man, as you must be well aware, Miss Wood, or we never should have been as we are, I am sure. – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore