Synonyms for Taste:


portion (adjective)
pretentious (adjective)
crass, rude, tasteless.


clarity, reason, intuition, intellect, intelligence, vision, palate, wisdom, brilliance, common sense. conditions, context, situation, kick, wallop, drive, state of affairs, oomph, event, climate, circumstance, jolt, suggestion, zip, bang, position, background, environment, ginger, piquancy. acuteness, liking, susceptibility, bond, acumen, feeling. frame of mind, temper, sensation, mood, passion, undercurrent, suggest, your inner self, emotion, heart. know, aftertaste, feel, have, feelings, body, experience, texture. participate, undergo, appear, form, be, become, meet, get, see, grow, go through, suffer, look, come over, go. fall/fit into place, understand, make sense of something, deduce, comprehend, see the light, have a feel for something, work out, get the idea. crumb, batch, bowlful, can, cake, bed, bowl, C. manage, take, touch. encounter, receive, be reared on something, endure. olfactory, sniff out, scent, catch, sniff. capacity to sense flavor (noun)
drink (noun)
flavor (noun)
deliciousness, sourness, saltiness, goodness, pepperiness, spiciness, savoriness, toothsomeness, delectability, flavor.
flavor of some quality (noun)
ginger, jolt, wallop, zip, piquancy, drive, suggestion, savoriness, aftertaste, bang, savor, kick, oomph.
inclination, preference (noun)
palate, leaning, tendency, attachment, affection, heart, predilection, liking, penchant.
judgment, propriety (noun)
correctness, discernment, refinement, acumen, decorum, politeness, acuteness, discrimination, susceptibility, cultivation, elegance, appreciation, grace, feeling.
meal (noun)
cuisine, feed, fare, morsel, ingestion, nutriment, lunch, board, sustenance, meal, foodstuff, grub, repast, breakfast, consumption, banquet, dinner, food, barbecue, eating, spread, snack, meat, bread, drink, picnic, feast.
preference (noun)
attachment, tendency, inclination, affection, leaning.
propriety (noun)
correctness, refinement, politeness, fittingness, manners, seemliness, propriety, suitability, appropriateness, decorum.
sensibility (noun)
sensitivity (noun)
taste (noun)
discrimination, taste perception, grace, gustatory modality, appreciation, delicacy, preference, gustatory sensation, penchant, mouthful, discernment, Purism, taste sensation, elegance, gustation, cultivation, sample, charm, try out, class, sense of taste, perceptiveness, predilection, try, tasting, gustatory perception.
texture (noun)
tiny sample (noun)
delicacy, touch, morsel, bite, mouthful.


contact (verb)
eat (verb)
ingest, bite, dine, gulp, eat, consume, devour, sup.
experience (verb)
encounter, know, undergo, feel.
judge, try (verb)
eat, sample.
taste (verb)
sample, savor.

Other synonyms:

affection, leaning, olfactory, aftertaste. attachment, suggestion, tasteless. bond, experience, suffer. body, sniff. know, scent, suggest. feel, manage. receive. have. meet. see. take. experience
sense of taste
palate, sense of taste.
Other relevant words:
crumb, have, clarity, endure, perceptiveness, ginger, tasteless, penchant, try out, discernment, look, appreciation, zip, gustatory sensation, vision, tendency, background, touch, liking, acumen, feel, suffer, body, sense of taste, tasting, know, intellect, oomph, mouthful, feeling, sensation, texture, intelligence, encounter, suggestion, gustatory perception, palate, go through, piquancy, experience, passion, preference, meet, jolt, inclination, sniff, attachment, wallop, take, form, kick, try, affection, leaning, taste perception, drive, undergo, heart, gustation, suggest, see, manage, bang, predilection, acuteness, susceptibility, taste sensation, gustatory modality, aftertaste, scent.

Usage examples for taste

  1. " Aunt Abigail's taste was not like her heart! – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett
  2. The fact is, they have no real taste – Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends by John Keats
  3. I'll let him bring it to you and see you taste it. – Phyllis by Maria Thompson Daviess