Synonyms for Eat:


champ, ruminate, bolt, banquet, feast on, browse, choke down, starve, dig in, try, fare, savor, gorge, graze, feed on, munch, cram, dispose of, nibble, dispatch, chow down, eat out of house and home, overeat, cannibalize, fall to, put away, pick, attack, discuss, glut, digest, masticate, peck at, crunch, chomp, chew, batten, fast, live on, demolish. dissolve, gnaw, drain, dissipate, increase, swell, ravage, manage, fool away, erode, destroy, wear away, melt, touch. vex, worry, disturb, bother. chow, partake, ingestion. help. wear. eat (noun)
corrode, run-through, deplete, consume, eat on, exhaust, wipe out, eat up, use up, rust.


bite (verb)
crunch, taste, chomp, champ.
bother (verb)
disturb, worry, vex.
consume food (verb)
absorb, bite, attack, cram, chew, devour, banquet, ingest, fall to, feed, lunch, dispose of, gorge, put away, pick, chow down, inhale, munch, dine, snack, sup, bolt, nibble, dispatch, graze, peck at, masticate, ruminate, digest, breakfast.
consumption (verb)
devour (verb)
feed on, gobble, destroy, take, gulp, feast on, use up, ravage, wipe out.
digest (verb)
distress (verb)
try, bother.
eat (verb)
consume, feed, dine, breakfast, feed on, snack, picnic, grub, feast, drink, bite, taste, lunch, sup.
erode, wear away; use up (verb)
dissipate, dissolve, exhaust, gnaw, rust, corrode, melt, drain.
receive (verb)
access, acquire, take, accept, absorb, assimilate, inhale, engorge, get, gulp, devour, ingest, inspire, receive, admit, pocket, gobble.

Other synonyms:

live on, dig in. graze, wear, erode, cram. gnaw, corrode. try, partake. fare. manage. touch. bite
feed on.
eat out of house and home.
feed on
live on, graze.
run through
Other relevant words:
chow, dissipate, graze, drain, gnaw, eat on, use up, gorge, chew, bother, dispatch, fall to, vex, dispose of, dig in, demolish, wear away, absorb, wipe out, partake, dissolve, overeat, rust, attack, deplete, feast on, discuss, manage, savor, put away, touch, cram, pick, live on, eat up, masticate, destroy, browse, erode, banquet, nibble, corrode, exhaust, wear, chow down, bolt, champ, crunch, fare, melt, try, ruminate, digest, munch, peck at, feed on.

Usage examples for eat

  1. But what would you give it to eat – Iermola by Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi
  2. What is there to eat – Home Life in Germany by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick
  3. I eat at the technicians' end of town, you know. – The Man Who Staked the Stars by Charles Dye